4 NFT artwork ideas of 2022

In the last few years, we have seen a change in the NFT market and a rise in NFT based on animals like monkeys, wolves, dogs, pandas, or NFT, which are slightly blurred like cyberpunk, will sell for at least 10 million to 30 million dollars.

  1. Create NFT of popular animals like tigers, pandas, or dragons. Any artwork like this will sell and will be in demand from the Asian market.
dragon nft artwork ideas
  1. NFT with a blur market, this idea is short and straightforward. Make an image of a boy smoking or wearing a hoodie or make a cartoon for the same and put a blur effect in it, and that artwork will be sold within a few days, much like a cyberpunk.
boy wearing hoodie nft artwork ideas
  1. NFT based on angel or demon can be a huge success if you remain consistent with your designs.
  1. NFT of different races and different people, different clothing styles has generated a good sale in the past, this trend can be explored.
different people nft artwork ideas

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