A 15 minute Elden Ring gameplay reveal is coming tomorrow

The 15-minute gameplay preview will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch.

Elden Ring is less than four months away, and yet despite that proximity we’ve seen surprisingly little of it: Just a curated gameplay reveal trailer in June and a 27-second leak in October.

That will change tomorrow with the rollout of a 15-minute gameplay preview that will begin at 3 pm CET/7 am PT/10 am ET.

It’s not exactly overloaded with detail, but it’s also all we really need. A solid quarter-hour of gameplay—a real, actual preview, rather than a blink-and-you-missed-it slip—tomorrow, on YouTube (also embedded above) and Twitch. FromSoftware said the YouTube stream will be subtitled, so “if this would aid your viewing enjoyment, we invite you to join us there.”

You likely already have some peripheral awareness of Elden Ring at the very least, but just in case, here’s the short version: it’s a Souls-like with a few new tricks and twists, including an open world with six main areas to explore and the ability to fight while on horseback. Co-op play for up to four is supported, PvP invasions are back (with some possible restrictions), and so are bonfires, except they’re called Sites of Lost Grace now.

The source of this article is pcgamer