Mycelium In Minecraft

All About Mycelium In Minecraft – Every Player Need To Know

We will indeed talk about mycelium in Minecraft and its influence in the Minecraft world as we move ahead with the article. But before we do it, there are a few things that need to be discussed in detail to be clear before starting the article. No Minecraft is one online gaming platform that several people use to satisfy the interest and play online gaming just for their hobbies. But people are turning the online gaming sector into something that they can earn from. As a result, the online gaming sector is flourishing more and more due to the Internet era.

Mycelium In Minecraft

Not just the Internet but the pandemic has influenced the growth of the online gaming platform to a greater extent. People have been bored at their homes for a long time now, which is more than 15 months. during the starting time, the lockdowns came as something so sad that people were never prepared for it. People did not know how to stay at home all day long and what can be done by staying at home. As a result, very obviously, people started exploring the Internet, and the gaming platforms available on the Internet across the globe received a boost as a result of this.

How To Get Mycelium In Minecraft?

Now that we already know about the use and the platforms wherein mycelium is available in the game of Minecraft. Now we move forward to discuss and learn how one can get mycelium in Minecraft. Today, the discussion will be about getting mycelium in Minecraft and the survival mode.

1. Find A Block.

So as we discussed earlier, you have happened informed about how mycelium cannot be made in a furnace Or a crafting grid. As a result, one has to look for it and hunt for a block of mycelium. You need to look in the Minecraft world around you and find a block that fits the requirements and is made up of mycelium. Another tip that we have already mentioned at the start would be that you can easily find it, or it would be comparatively easy to find the mycelium block on the mushroom island Biome.

2. Tool With Silk Touch Is Important.

Now, if there is a chance that you don’t know how my remote lock looks and there is some confusion there, you can always use the tip that we are about to give you. you can quickly identify mycelium because it looks so much like dirt. But then you might have the question of how can we recognize it quickly. Well, this becomes easy because of The Color Purple that it has. To mine the mycelium block, you need to use any tool enchanted with the silk touch. It can be a shovel, an axe, or any tool mentioned in the start.

3. Mine The Mycelium Block Found.

  • Now, when it comes to the Java edition, you need to click on the left and hold the mycelium block to mine it.
  • When we talk about pocket edition, you have to tap and hold on to the block of mycelium.
  • For the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, all you need to do is press and hold the RT button, which is located on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4 and PS3, all you need to do is press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
  • When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, you have to press and hold the ZR button, which is again located on the controller.
  • When we talk about Wii U, you need to press and hold the ZR button on the GamePad.
  • For the education edition, you have to follow the same procedure as the Java edition.
  • When it comes to Windows 10 edition, you just repeat the procedure As for education edition.

4. Pick Up The Item

now, after all of these procedures are done, you need to follow the next step, which is extremely important. Please be 100% sure that you are picking up the mycelium because it tends to disappear very quickly. And once you have done it, it will start to appear in the hot bar. Have your game in Minecraft. Make sure that you keep it very safe in your inventory to use it anytime later whenever needed. Because following the same procedure can be challenging because mycelium is not very easy to find.

Where Can You Find Mycelium ?

The next question that the readers would have in their minds about mycelium is where can a user or a player find mycelium in the creative mode of Minecraft? Well, when we talk about the Java edition, one can find it in the building blocks. When we talk about the pocket edition, there are two different locations for different versions. If the version ranges from 0.14.1 -1.1.3, the user can again find it in the building blocks. But if the version is different and ranges from 1.2 – 1.17.10, Then the user might find it in the creative location menu under it in nature.


When talking about Xbox 360 in the versions, TU 35 to TU 69, Any player can easily find it in the building blocks. Even for the range between CU23 – CU43 . one can easily find it in the building blocks. But when it comes to the Xbox One 1.2.5 – 1.17.10 Version, one can find it under the creative menu location located under nature. When it comes to PS3, one can find it under the building blocks. And when we talk about PS4, the versions ranging from 1.26 – 1.91. Again, one can find it under the building blocks. But one has to look in nature when it comes to PS4 version 1.14.0 – 1.17.0.

More To It

When the same comes about Nintendo switch, one can again find it easily in the building blocks for the versions ranging between 1.04 – 1.11. But again, one has to look at the nature of the Nintendo switch version 1.5.0 – 1.17.10. When talking about Wii U, one can easily find it in the building blog regarding the range of versions between patch three and patch 38. While talking about Windows 10, one can find it in the building blocks in the versions ranging from 0.14.1 – 1.1.3. And one can find it easily in nature when it comes to the versions ranging from 1.2 – 1.17.10. On the other hand, when it comes to education edition again, one can find it easily in the building blocks for versions ranging from 0.14.2 – 1.0.18. When it comes to the versions ranging from 1.0.31 – 1. 14.31, You can easily find it in nature.

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