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  • SOUL GOBLIN Real Name, Age, Girlfriend, Face, Net Worth

    SOUL GOBLIN Real Name, Age, Girlfriend, Face, Net Worth

    Goblin Gaming’s real name is Harsh Paudwal. He is a male Video game streamer, Youtuber, and ESports Player. He creates action and intresting video on his Youtube channel. SOUL GOBLIN started his Youtube journey on October 14 2019 with his action PUBG gameplay video on Youtube and he build a big empire of 151 K […]

  • Payal Gaming Real name, Age, Birthday, bf, Number, Bgmi Id, income

    Payal Gaming Real name, Age, Birthday, bf, Number, Bgmi Id, income

    If you are looking information related to paypal gaming you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share with you all the information related to Payal Gaming like Real name, Age, Birthday, bf, Bgmi Id, income, Family. Who is Payal Gaming? Paypal gaming is professional Gamer, Youtuber, and Social Media Influencer. […]

  • GameXpro Real Name, Age,BGMI ID, Face, Logo, Net Worth, Monthly Income, Instagram id

    GameXpro Real Name, Age,BGMI ID, Face, Logo, Net Worth, Monthly Income, Instagram id

    Pubg is very popular game globally. It has more then 1 billion downloads on playstore and Appstore. Gamexpro is popular gamer and social media Influencer. In this article we are going to tell about gamexpro. Gamexpro is very popular in the gaming community. we will provide you all the information related to gamexpro like GameXpro […]

  • Dead by Daylight’s next killer is a vengeful bird lady

    The Artist is a new original character coming later this month. The survival horror game Dead by Daylight is perhaps best known for its crossovers with famous properties like Hellraiser, Stranger Things, Resident Evil, and Nightmare on Elm Street. But it also does original characters, such as Mikaela Reid, the teenage witch who was introduced in September, and […]

  • Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker delayed to December

    It’s two weeks later, on December 7th. Last night’s big event on Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker had a surprise for fans: The Endwalker expansion has been delayed by two weeks, from November 23rd to December 7th, 2021. Game Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida explained that an overemphasis on the quality of gameplay and story lead […]

  • Lost Ark, the Korean MMO coming West next year, is now in closed beta

    The beta is set to run until November 11. Our first glimpse of Lost Ark came in 2014, when we described it as “an exceptionally good looking ARPG.” It finally launched four years later, but only in Korea—it wasn’t until earlier this year that a Western release was confirmed, with localization being handled by Amazon Games. Lost Ark […]

  • A 15 minute Elden Ring gameplay reveal is coming tomorrow

    The 15-minute gameplay preview will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch. Elden Ring is less than four months away, and yet despite that proximity we’ve seen surprisingly little of it: Just a curated gameplay reveal trailer in June and a 27-second leak in October. That will change tomorrow with the rollout of a 15-minute gameplay preview that will begin at […]

  • This mod lets you seamlessly fight Crusader Kings 3 battles in Mount & Blade 2

    Two great games, better together. If you like the grand strategy of Crusader Kings 3, but wish it had a little bit of that Total War mojo and let you descend from the map to fight battles in real-time, there’s a mod for that. The Crusader Blade mod takes the composition of your armies in Crusader Kings 3, […]

  • Edwin returns as one of four legendary cards in Hearthstone’s The Deadmines

    The whole mini-set has now been revealed ahead of tomorrow’s launch. Hearthstone’s Standard mode is in a pretty weird spot right now, with the dominance of the Questline cards having chased most Midrange and Control decks out of the meta, leaving only ultra fast Aggro to compete. It’s not entirely clear whether the release of […]

  • The fantastic-looking Bloodborne demake is launching on PC in January

    No more yearning for Yharnam when this PS1-style Bloodborne remake launches. We still don’t know if we’ll ever see Bloodborne on PC, but at least part of Yharnam is bleeding onto our platform in a fan remake in January. The Bloodborne PS1 Demake developer has posted a fresh new trailer, complete with frightfully low-poly enemies, a […]