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Far Cry 6’s premature Danny Trejo tie-in has been removed

Though it’s currently unclear when the PC patch will be released.

This week, Far Cry 6 found itself in the bizarre position of accidentally featuring actor Danny “Machete” Trejo. Fortunately, Ubisoft has swiftly worked to remove all traces of Trejo from the game at this time, with the promise of full, production-ready Trejo to return at a later date.

According to the game’s post-launch roadmap, Dani & Danny vs Everybody was meant to be the first of three free crossover missions (which also included tie-ins with Stranger Things and Rambo). But while the Trejo tie-in wasn’t set to release until next month, Ubisoft inadvertently launched the update a little earlier than planned.

farcry 6
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Before you go rushing off to try out the crossover mission, Ubisoft has noted that it’s already worked to remove the quest from the game, likely reintroducing the final version in December as planned.

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