How Gaming Can Influence Health In A Positive Way?

How Gaming Can Influence Health In A Positive Way?

Is It Even Possible?

Now through ages and ages we have heard that online gaming is something that can never be useful for any kid or even an adult for that case. so when we read the sentence that gaming can have health benefits we just shrug off the third because we think it is something not possible. because gaming and especially online gaming is known to a lot of problems regarding their health like weak eyesight and even bad problems in the long run.And again it can even lead to. And increase in weight because online gaming is something that doesn’t allow much of physical activity which can result definitely in adverse health problems

But well today we are going to work on these myths that online gaming can only be bad. because if we paid good attention to it we can know that online gaming can actually be very useful for health and you will also agree to the fact as we move ahead. one of the most important thing that video games do is they provide a lot of alertness to our mind and body because video games aren’t something as easy as they are perceived by the world. and the gamers who are reading this would definitely agree to what we are saying. And alertness is one of the most required attributes in order to play video game nicely.

Are There Any Proofs?

Now before we move ahead one thing that you should always know that health is not just limited to the physical health but the parameters also spread to mental health and cognitive health. In addition to it emotional health also plays a huge role. and whenever we talk about the psychological that is mental health video games do prove to be one of the most therapeutic methods in order to pacify anyone going through such problems. and there are records that video games impact positively for about 69%. Now that we know about mental health let’s also talk about cognitive health.

Now the cognitive health is something that can actually be made better if we paid proper attention to different things. and video games are one such thing that allow to activate the players selective attention qualities and make them. A human with better concentration as they move ahead. in fact there are studies that prove that people who play video games have better cognitive health. and it helps in order to improve the mental health of a lot of people because people are able to relax and work on their stress by playing video games whenever they want. as a result of this they can have emotional stability and a better emotional health too!

All of these things together form the overall well being of a human and as a result it is hence proved that gaming actually can help to enhance health conditions of a human!