How To Craft A Smoker In Minecraft

How To Craft A Smoker In Minecraft?

There are a number of people worldwide who love to play the game Minecraft. the number of people turning into gamers is increasing day by day. Yes, just stick with us we will get to the point where we talk about how to make a smoker in Minecraft but before it just bears with us for a minute or so. As soon as people are getting more and more information on the Internet about how gaming can actually be a career or an all people are turning towards it because who wouldn’t want to turn that passion into a career that helps them on and be happy with it at the same time.

How To Craft A Smoker In Minecraft

So as the number of people wanting to become a programmer increases at the same time the number of people having doubts relating to different games in the online model so increases. Minecraft is one such game that most people know gaming play. and as a result, there are a number of questions asked in relation to this game of Minecraft. one such question that so many people want to know the answer to is how to make a smoker in Minecraft. But you wouldn’t have to search any far now because we are going to answer the question right here in the most simple manner

What Is A Smoker?

But before we discuss what is the procedure for making a smoker in Minecraft it becomes extremely important to know what a smoker is and what are its uses. only then can you as a user or a game player can decide that do you want to know the steps to make it and whether it is useful for you in the manner you play the game. so let us attend to the first question right now. the smoker is one extremely important item within the inventory inside the Minecraft game. It is as important as any other inventory in the game of Minecraft so it becomes important to know what it is used for.

A smoker is basically used in the kitchen just as the name suggests. Because we suppose that our readers are extremely smart to have made the guest just buy having read the name about what a smoker might mean. Is used in order to cook food in the Minecraft game. you can use a smoker to make any of the food items in the game Minecraft. in fact many people might see many similarities between a furnace and a smoker. No doubt there are many similarities between both of them but the smoker is quite more useful when compared to a furnace. The basic reason behind this is it helps to cook food a lot faster in comparison to a furnace.

How To Make  A Smoker In Minecraft?

Without wasting any time let’s just jump on directly do the process of making a smoker in Minecraft. so let’s start with the platforms that support would help with the availability of a smoker. some of the platforms in which a smoker is available also differs according to the versions of Minecraft. Within a Java edition PC or Mac, the supported version of Minecraft is 1.14 and a smoker is available too. It is even possible to use on the platform of pocket edition PE and the version that supports is 1.11. 0. The next platform that supports smokers is Xbox One in the 1.11.0 version.

Xbox 360 and PS3 most are platforms that do not support smokers be it any version of Minecraft.   PS4 is another platform that supports smokers in its version 1.91. Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 edition support it in their version 1.11.0.On the other hand, Wii U does not support smokers be it any version of Minecraft. Whereas the education edition supports smokers and is available in the 1.12.0 version. So this is how a smoker is available on different platforms within the different versions of Minecraft that exist. now that we know that let’s jump on directly to the procedure because you have waited long enough for it.

Where To Find A Smoker?

So now many of you might have the question that as it is mentioned above that there are a number of platforms and a variety of versions that provide the facility and availability of smokers in Minecraft. so how can one find a smoker in the same place in all the different versions and different platforms? no, you cannot find it in the same place and that’s the reason we are going to specify each one perfectly so that you have your process made extremely easy. While talking about Java edition PC or Mac you can find the smoker in the creative inventory in the decoration blocks.

while talking about Minecraft pocket edition you can find it under the items which are located under the creative inventory menu. Now let’s go onto the Xbox were in again you can find the smoker in the creative inventory menu under the items block. While talking about the PS editions of Minecraft there are two places under the creative inventory menu wherein you can find a smoker which is miscellaneous and the items. Again for Nintendo switch and Windows 10 you can find out the smoker is located in the creative inventory menu under the items block. the exact same thing is repeated while talking about the location of a smoker in the creative mode under the education edition platform.

What Are The Materials Required For Smoker :

Now that we know the procedure in order to make a smoker it is essential that we get to the materials that are required in order to make the same. We are here to give you the procedure step by step in order to make a smoker. but it becomes extremely essential that the steps are very easily described so that you can follow them because if you want it difficult steps that are available all over the Internet. our only aim is to provide you with information in the simplest form that you have ever seen so that you can finally be successful and what you are aiming for before reading the article.

So now we are going to give you a tutorial which includes step-by-step wherein you will learn how to make a smoker. but the basic step before any procedure starts is to list down what are the materials that would be required in order to make the final product. and our final product is the smokers so it is time that we list down the materials that would be required in order to make the same.

so let’s get started and following other materials that will be required beforehand before you start making a smoker so that you are all prepared to move left to work on beautifully.:
Following Are The Materials Required :
         one furnace
        4 stripped jungle wood
        4 oak logs
        4  stripped Acacia wood
        4 spruce logs
        4 stripped dark oak wood
        4 birch logs
        4 oak wood with bark
        4 Jungle logs
        4 spruce wood with bark
        4 Acacia logs
        4 birch wood bark
        4 dark oak logs
        4 jungle wood with bark
        4 stripped oak wood
        4 Acacia Wood with bark
        4 stripped spruce wood
        4 dark oak wood with bark
        4 stripped birch wood


We have an important tip for you which Says That gathering all the types of words that have been mentioned above isn’t mandatory. you can just go on by collecting just one of these types of woods. This is what the magic here is that you don’t have to take everything upon you and do much hard work. In fact, we can go for the term of smart work here because you have all the options that you can select from. And whichever is the most feasible for you choose that and go along with it. So now you can follow the procedure as you want after you have collected the materials required.

Now that you have all the prerequisites that you need mind us when we say all the things that you need are here now so it’s time that we jump directly to the step of the main procedure by step. get ready because you have done enough work in order to wait to come to this step and trust us things are extremely easy from here if in case you thought that the earlier parts were somehow very difficult. because now we have extremely simple steps that would explain to you everything you need to know in order to make a smoker in that’s a survival mode in Minecraft.

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft

So here we begin with the very first step of making a Very important inventory item within the game of Minecraft. because no doubt cooking and cleaning are some of the most important things that people look forward to Being it real life or gaming. Because I don’t think there is any person who doesn’t like having food and in order to have Food you need to make one yourself in the first place?. and making a smoker in Minecraft can be counted as a major step towards making food because mostly in order to cook food items that you would

require for your survival.

No the step that we are going to tell you is about making a smoker or crafting a smoker in survival mode. so when you have the same mode along with the correct versions of the Minecraft game along with the platform required for it following these many steps would lead you to your desired result. The first thing you need to do is go and open the crafting menu in the Minecraft game. the next step is choosing from the different options that are available after going to the crafting menu. Stop so you have to select the crafting table. this will help you open a 3X3 crafting grid which looks somewhat like the picture.

Step Two

Now that you have the crafting menu and the crafting grid open we can hop on to the next step. The next step includes adding items in order to make the smoker you wish to. now you have already opened the crafting menu so now you can see the options that are available within it. So you can also see a crafting area. this crafting area is precisely made up of a 3X3 grid. This crafting area is known as the crafting grid while talking about Minecraft. now you have to use the. items that you have collected before in order to proceed while making the smoker.

In order to start with taking one furnace and then use the four wood logs that you have collected. if you don’t have it you can even go for the other option just as we have mentioned above in their list of requirements. you can even go for the stripped logs that you might have collected by now. it is totally your choice to choose one and proceed with the procedure. now you have to take all of these materials and place them in the 3X3 crafting grid that is open in front of you. now while doing so you might have one common question that many people have which is the following question.

Which kind of wood should one use to get the most benefit?

Now being completely honest we have put up a list which provides equal benefit to you be It any kind of wood Just that it has to be one of the items listed in the requirements above. because there are a number of words available such as oak, spruce, acacia, Jungle, Birch, or even dark oak at times. Now we can choose any one of them for example let us choose and go ahead with spruce.

Now it becomes extremely important to follow the exact patterns that are given in the picture so that you have your desired product because misplacing any of them might spoil your result completely. so take one awkward and place it in the centre of the first row. after doing so you can move to the second row and use another awkward and place to the extreme left. now comes the centre of the grid which is the place that belongs to the furnace. after doing so you can go ahead to place another awkward in the extreme right box in the 2nd row.

Once you have done that you can move on to the third row and now you have many places left but only one Oakwood Left with you to be placed in the third row. love you have to look out for the box within the grid that falls exactly below the centre of the grid wherein you placed the furnace in the second row. Now, this is the place where you have to place the last remaining oak wood log.

The Next Step :

While talking about the next step we should be actually very specific that this is not just the next step but also the last step.yes we should have mentioned it earlier only that this process is not just very simple but also very short. One can get the idea because this process has nothing more than three steps in order to have a smoker ready. And now you have already fulfilled the first two steps or at least have gone through the process of making a smoker and its first two steps. and we suppose that the steps are extremely simple in order to follow and have a smoker ready by following this one last step.

So let’s head on directly to the last step that we need to practice in order to have a smoker ready with you in the Minecraft game. so after placing all of the items as we mentioned above in the crafting grids carefully you will have something just like you can see in the picture. and this would help you to make a smoker ready. but there are times when people are also excited with the easy and simple process is that they forget the last step which makes everything that they have done until now waste. Because sometimes the last step is of at most importance.

The first two steps here helped you to collect the articles in the first step so that you have them ready by your side before you head on to place them in the crafting grid. On the other hand, the second step allows you to place all the articles or items whatever you may wish to call them in the perfect places that they need to be and now you have the smoker ready in the crafting grid in front of you. all you need to do is move them to the inventory but then you can use them anytime you want. and yes here you have your smoker ready just by following these three steps!

What Is The Item ID And Name :

Now that we already have the smoker ready the first thing we need to do is congratulate you in order to go through the process and have it ready all by yourself just by reading the information here and doing some smart work. but after doing so you need to do something more which is about the item ID and its name. before doing so you need to know one thing because there are many people who might move along with the procedure and then ask you the question about what is an item ID and the name?

So The thing is each and every item in the Minecraft game has a name and an item ID for it so that it makes each and everything and each and every item within the Minecraft game very unique. To be precise Minecraft ID is nothing else but the internal number for that particular item inside Minecraft. But one other thing is uh that it might differ again according to the platform and the versions available under Minecraft. So while talking about Minecraft under the Java edition for PC or Mac the description for the Minecraft ID name would be Smoker  (minecraft: smoker). Now the version of the Java edition that supports this is 1.14- 1.17.1.
For Other Platforms :
Now the other platform where you can find out the Minecraft ID Name. another information is the Minecraft pocket edition platform inside this platform you can see the Minecraft ID exactly in a similar manner as it was available in the Java platform. The Minecraft data value here is 0. and the versions that help you see the name ID and data value are 1.11.0 – 1.17.10. Now as you move through different platforms you would realize one thing that the Minecraft ID name is written in this exact same manner as mentioned. In the first one while talking about the Java platform.
But there will always be differences in the versions available and the Minecraft data value. So now talking about the Minecraft Xbox One the Minecraft data value here is 0. the version of Minecraft that is supported is 1.11.0 – 1.17.10. The Minecraft data value for the PS4 platform under Minecraft is zero again. The versions of Minecraft for Minecraft PS4 are 1.14.0 -1.17.10. The Minecraft data value for the rest of all the platforms is 0 and in fact, was zero for the previous ones two except for the Java platform. The version for the Nintendo switch Is exactly the same as that of the Xbox One.
The version but in Minecraft education edition is 1.12.0 – 1.14.31. And as we know that for most of the things Windows 10 and Nintendo platforms seem to have most of the similar things while talking about features or anything else. this goes quite correctly here too because the version of Minecraft that is supported in Nintendo is exactly the same as Windows 10.
Stackable Information :
Yes yes yes we know your concern about the next question that would interrupt all the thoughts going on in your mind. and we suppose this question would be what is the meaning of stackable sizes? In fact, there can be two questions about what is stackable and the other question could be that what is a stack size? so we would answer both of them very patiently. let’s start with the first one. So stackable is nothing very complex but it is actually something very simple which means whether an item can be stacked or not. And it is important to notice that you need to specify that cannot be stacked with more than one item.
Now let’s get to the second question which is about the stack size. So every item has a maximum stack size. As a result, the stack size is nothing else but knowing what is the maximum stack size for one particular item that you might be concerned with at the moment. because the amount to which items are stackable differs a lot. for some items in Minecraft can only be stacked up to one or maybe 216. but there are even some items that can be stacked whose amount is as great as 64. All these tax sizes that are mentioned here are further vanilla Minecraft only the stack sizes might change according to the mods.
The Different Stack Sizes:
So the stack size for different platforms also differs and not each and every platform allows you to stack any item. For example, in the Minecraft Java edition, the stack size is 64 because it allows stacking items. the same thing is repeated while talking about the Minecraft pocket edition wherein the stack size is exactly similar. In fact, the stack sizes are the same for all the platforms that we have mentioned above beat Xbox One or PS4. just the versions are different Because the stackable sizes are almost the same beat other platforms to Nintendo switch Windows 10 or education edition.
How To Give Command For Smoker?
Now, most people would love to know the process in order to give commands to smokers. Now as we have gone through the article and you saw that most of the things differ as per the versions of Minecraft and the platforms in which it is available. the same thing actually repeats itself here too. The command for Java can be given in the following versions- 1.14,1.15,1.16,1.16.5,1.17, and 1.17.1. The command includes the following:
/give @p smoker 1
Now let’s talk about the versions  available in Minecraft pocket edition which are 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, and 1.17.10. The Command will be :
/give @p smoker 1 0.
Now one thing has to be noticed here that the command remains exactly the same for the rest of the platforms weed Xbox One PS4 Nintendo switch Windows 10 or education edition. But the versions differ so you can now have the list of versions available.
        Xbox One – 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, and 1.17.10
        PS4 -1.14.0,1.16.0,1.17.0, and 1.17.10
        Nintendo switch – 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, and 1.17.10
        Windows 10 – 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, and 1.17.10
        Education edition – 1.12.0, 1.12.60 and 1.14.31
We suppose we have given all the information that we could in relation to how to make a smoker in Minecraft. because we think that helping our readers is our only responsibility and we should do it in the best way possible so that our readers are delighted with what they read and always successful and what they wanted to learn before coming here to read the article. this is our only and only aim while writing the articles and we try our best to make the research but there are times when we have to bent on secondary research because first-hand research is not possible each and everywhere.
So we always try to write all the things in good faith but there are times when some information might offend some of the other person which has been written or done unintentionally. but anything as such occurs to you and you want to have it down you can always mail to us from the contact us bar right below this article and then you can mail us there and we will do all the research which is needed and if we are through the drawing we will definitely take the part down.
Until then happy gaming!

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