How To Make Paper Maps In Minecraft

How To Make Paper Maps In Minecraft

We have already discussed how to make paper in Minecraft there are some more questions related to just to papers in Minecraft and we think that it would be extremely easy for you to have a look at the answers for these questions too.  One such question that people ask again is how to make paper maps in Minecraft? so the next thing that we are going to talk about is this. So now let us have a look at how to make paper maps in Minecraft. let’s get started by discussing what are the materials that you would require in order to make paper maps in Minecraft.

How To Make Paper Maps In Minecraft

The following ingredients should be with you in order to make paper maps in Minecraft:

  1. Redstone dust
  2. 4 iron ingots
  3. One compass

And the other materials get added as you make then in the process.

So let’s directly jump to the process of making a paper map in Minecraft:

1. Find Redstone Dust

So as we listed above you will need iron ingots and one Redstone dust item so that you are all ready to create a compass which is the third item. So let’s focus on the thing that we require in a singular form which is the Redstone dust. So one can find this Redstone dust usually in the mountainsides. all you have to do is dig deeper into a mountain and mine very carefully in order to find Redstone dust. Now you would always require something in order to recognize it as Redstone dust so the usual appearance of irony in God’s it’s very similar to that of regular iron with reddish spots on it.

Redstone dust

2. Make The Four Iron Ingots

So now let’s jump to the second item which is an iron ingot. In order to make four of these, all you need to do in the first place is to find iron ore and mine it. Now you don’t need to shift your areas very much while finding the Redstone dust and the iron ingots because these are mostly available in the mountainous areas again. so move to the mountains as fast as you can and look out for four iron ore items. the next thing you need to do is run to a furnace and open the furnace menu in order to move ahead in your procedure to make paper maps in Minecraft.

Iron Ingots

Now there’s another thing that you need to keep in mind while you use the iron ingot. this is that you will always need fuel in order to craft an iron ingot. the next thing you need to do is add some iron ore and then directly craft or make an iron ingot. Now all you have to do is repeat the same procedure four times because as we mentioned above you need to make 4 iron ingots. Make sure that you drag these four iron ingots to your inventory after you have made them successful.

3. Make  A Compass

So as discussed above now that you have collected and well made the two ingredients required in order to make our third one it’s time we preceded to make a compass. Make sure that you have one Redstone dust item and four iron ingots along with you. the next thing that you need to do is navigate all the way to the crafting table. now that you have done it just open the 3X3 grid. Take the Redstone dust and add it exactly to the centre of the grid.

craft compass

The next thing you need to do is take the four iron ingots and place them all around the Redstone dust item. you can follow this procedure simply by placing Each one of it to the left-right above and below to the centre of the grid where the Redstone dust flies. after doing so do not forget the last step because if you do forget this it will all be in vain. the step is very simple. just take the compass and put the item in your inventory.

4. Time For A Paper Map

So now that we have done all our work with the Redstone dust, the iron ingots And the compass ready with you it is time to craft a paper map in Minecraft. simply go and open the 3X3 crafting menu once again. the next step requires you to put the compass right in the centre of the grid. The next average was for you to fill all the remaining heat fuels around the centre each with a paper item. all you got to do after this is move the paper map item to your inventory.

A Paper Map

And there you have made your own paper map in Minecraft. wasn’t this a very easy process? we promise you the easiest steps in order to do the most difficult tasks when you are with us.

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