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Everything You Need To Know About COD:

In fact that we all know everything about Call of Duty mobile game. As a result of this, There are more and more questions being asked about what are the new updates in relation to the game because everyone wants to know about their favorite game and need to know and stay updated with it all the time. So let’s get to the point without wasting time about what are the   new updates and relation to the Call of Duty game.well in case you have Heard about any other new updates in relation to the game you are extremely right because there is one major update and relation to COD season 7.

Call Of Duty Mobile

So now the new update that people are speaking about and that argument is that it is mostly a fact and not a rumor is that season seven of the Call of Duty mobile game is going to be released very soon. Now as soon as people hear about this then next question they have in their heads is whether it is true and if it is true then what is the date when the next season that is season seven will be released for all the people? Well the answer to this is uh yes because there is a new update about new season seven in Call of Duty mobile coming very soon and the date of this will be the 26th of August in the year 2021.

What Is The New Buzz In Season 7?

We all know that each new season brings is certain new updates with it for the users because why would the users download another season of the game or play it if there is nothing new or different than the previous one? this is something very common as a human to have something new and better with every new update. So now that we already know that the season seven will be released as soon as the season six of Call of Duty ends. So there will be a lot of people or game players waiting for The 26th of August in the year 2021.As a result of the release of the new season there are many questions being asked.

Now once this question that most of the people are asking is that bill the best that have come in season six and five would stay or not? The only answer to this is that yes some of the features would actually stay along in season 7 too. Now what do you think will these update be are there any guesses? so the answer is that active zombies is one feature that will be staying what even 7 too. Navin edition to what other things that are saying we also need to know that what are the things that are going to be added with the new season. Now one thing that you can know for sure that is going to be there in season seven is new maps.

What Are The Other Things That Will Stay?

So in addition to what we discussed, the other things that are going to be added are Monastry.Now this means that there are chances that the monastery might beer confirmed feature in season seven but we are not yet completely sure about it. Now there are some weapons like the LMG, hades and along with it a crossbow. For now these things have actually been confirmed. So yes but now these are the things that we know about the season seven update. we hope you like stop coming season of Call of Duty!

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