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Marking A Return After PUBG Ban In India?

Before we talk about the pubg ban in India, let’s talk about online games that resulted in pubg. The world is changing fast. Each and everything works differently now. Earlier we used to play games by getting on the ground. Our friends calling us down to play and all of us not returning before 9:00 o’clock seems like a dream now. the reason it seems like a dream now is that Now the world has adapted to its digital world. The digital world rules our body end mind 24/7 365 days of the year. Today’s generation does not even imagine what playing on the physical ground was like.

pubg ban

All they know is about digital games on their phones and laptops. Children from today’s generation have literally no idea what it is to play original games. These games had a legacy to be played for years and years. Its legacy was shared by not just our ancestors but all of our friend’s ancestors too. Not just this but with every new generation a new version of the on-ground games were found. This might seem very familiar to online games.

Because then online games to, there exist different versions of the game. talking about online games there’s one game that cannot be missed. Yes, we are talking about pubg. As soon as this word pops into our heads, the only thing we can imagine next is joy. But then again as we talk about pubg, how can we forget the Historic moment of pubg ban. Before getting to the ban let’s talk about pubg in detail.

What is pubg?

Before getting to work for what it actually is, we think it is extremely important to know the Full form of pubg? Player unknowns battleground is the original full form of the very well known game pubg. By 2020, there was no single street wherein people did not know how to play pubg. This is one of the major reasons that pubg mobile ban in India resulted in a lot of users being unhappy. Now let’s get to the part where we answer what the game is. It is just another online game that allows more than one player to play the game at once.

Battle Royale game it’s behind the development of this game. Pubg corporation is a subsidy of the blue hole. Bluehole is nothing but a South Korean video game company.The other ones who published pubg as an online multiplayer game. Many mods of this game were created earlier. There were many reasons for the pubg ban in India. But one of the major reasons was the data being sent outside the country.

But before the pubg ban and even before pubg is released it is one secret that not many people know about First off it’s not really a secret but many people are just unaware of this fact. Pubg was earlier released for Microsoft Windows in the year March 2017 this was the better program that was released in March. The full release was made in the same year in December.

The history of pubg and how it led to pubg ban in India

Starting from the year 2017 pubg has made significant growth Through the years. It is one of the fastest-growing games not just in India but throughout the world. But then what led to the Ban of such a good doing game? Now, this is when sources come to use. The problem is caused by the origin of the servers that made the game. The Government of India had concerns about where the data collected to the games is being sent. It’s a code that the data font for this gaming platform was being sent to places outside the national borders. This can be extremely harmful and dangerous to national security. Because privacy is one thing that no country can compromise on.

In the Year 2020, many applications having such issues were being cross-questioned by the Indian government. Most of these applications were ban in India. Some such apps include Tik Tok and WeChat. As a result of its connection With China, pubg was banned in India on the 2nd of September and their 2020. This Ben came with another 117 apps being banned. The pubg India ban did not have a good impact.

most of the users will be extremely unhappy do the pubg ban in India. No doubt, it didn’t take much time for the news to spread that pubg banned from Indian users each and every corner of the country. Most of the Chinese apps that were banned had a negative effect on the residents of the country. But one application that had the most negative impact is the pubg ban in India.

Is the application trying to make a comeback after the Pubg ban in India?

Yes from other news about the application making a comeback after the pubg India ban is somewhat true. Although, how it is trying to make a comeback after the pubg Mobile ban in India it’s neither legal nor direct. It is said that pubg mobile game it’s returning in India with a new name called battlegrounds mobile India. The news following it is not completely verified. But this is what the sources say. That the game has an easy way to connect with the old account with the original game before pubg banned. But as we know there s been no permission taken for the same. But several people have questions about its connection but the original game and its return after the pubg ban in India are new maybe in its other version or certain new Features.

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