Prince of Persia Sequel is Well Fitting for an Otherworldly Experience

Prince of Persia Sequel is Well Fitting for an Otherworldly Experience

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the Hourglass in the Sands of Time. He is loyal to his brother, visiting his kingdom from Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace captured under another power. Sand becomes the magical element to save the fortress in its classic age but another unforgettable aspect of this story is that the prince pays various costs in distant lands. The Prince’s supernatural ability to control nature and time helps you physically feel the power of supernatural strength and its unseen possibilities. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has advanced technology powered by the award-winning Anvil engine. The Prince is not just a war fighter but has unimagined control over environment and his enemies in a magical fantasy adventure. When he has God like abilities to control the natural world, he finds that it clashes with his power to go back in time giving him a destructive and tough time. The game is compatible with PC, PlayStation, PSP, Xbox in a live action adventure.

The Game Development Design

It is an elevation to the sand of time series that is a whole movie in itself and the movie’s originality. It is a 3D experience that you feel in the supernatural depth and realistic combat. It is a powerful sequel to the magical sands of Sands of Time and bloody experience in Warrior Within. There’s puzzle and there’s parkour, blinding lights, skeletons, levers and Persian traps. This poster like visual gaming has no beach to chill at but Persian sands that require keen observation of a Prince and his masterful timing that never goes wrong. It is not traditional or similar to previous versions but a modern epic. It comes with wall running, wall jumping, climbing poles, pole vaulting and skeleton smashing. So you do not just make physical moves of strength in the game but you also wield magical powers realistically, incorporate time manipulation, Persian style acrobatics and platforming. The large palace which the prince explores is dangerous and unpredictable space that is not so hugely spanned but it has some safe zones. Your time rewind can take the Prince back to the healthy and undamaged point in time or undo any mistakes. His powers are dedicated to elements like Water, for and Earth that are the offensive spells. The only way to avoid attacks is rolling and dodging that seems pretty much like a Persian Prince’s war style. The statistics that you control are the powers you upgrade and stamina. The Persian formula is kinda advanced technology for gaming equipments and specialization. You are mystic prince that has no name and working on untouched magical threats that need your royal magical abilities and a djinn intervention.

The Story of the Fantasy Deserts

The Prince is sent by his father Sharaman to learn royal combat and acquire the throne power eligibility from his brother Malik and the invaders to blame are the Solomon’s Army, a gripping supernatural force that controls the palace magically. Malik releases Solomon’s Army for defeating the opponent army but the Prince was against these proceedings. The Prince is drawn into a spiritual haven by Razia, queen of the Marid djinn and the army is led by Ratash. He is no longer with his brother and the two halves of the seal must be reunited for Ratash and the army to be taken down.

The Prince’s adventure in epic mode begins in medias res and he encounters the sad and deserted remains of Razia, his memory rings a bell. In nearby fountain, he goes on to drink the water in it when he finds a face hidden in it. Razia is furious and enraged fully asks him with burning authority who he is and what he has done. In the world of The Forgotten Sands the Prince must fight against the third world Sand Army that emerged from the desert sands quite magically and in a fantasy realm. Blessed from the specialized magic from Razia, the Prince can wield the powers of the four elements and time too. The names of these power of elements are super cool such as “Trail of Flame”, “Power of Flow”, give the prince additional powers. The “Power of Time” and “Power of Memory” allows the Prince to manipulate the natural world and its secrets in its full glory, and rewind or manipulate time with the Dagger of Time.

When fighting against multiple enemies of gigantic sizes, as the Prince, players work on combos and chain attacks using the all of the Powers of the Djinn. The game has multiple aspects to use every single power of the Player that he has wielded and acquired. For powerful and longer attacks, The Forgotten Sands uses an Upgrade Menu based on experience points earned during combat. Certain powers such as “Whirlwind”, “Stone Armor” and “Ice Blast” can be upgraded up to four or six times. Tough, powerful and stronger attacks mean simple defeat of the opponents in the dust.

He tries desperately to find Malik again, they are fated and destined to remain lonely at every opputunity, and Malik is not unaffected by the army as the power of defeated enemies reaches his half of the seal. The Prince is actively protected from the sands’ corruption by Razia’s powers. As they meet Ratash, Malik kills Ratash only to be darkly and completely possessed by him and destroys his half of the seal. The Prince is engrossed in  trying save Malik, Razia tells him that Malik can only be freed by killing him and Ratash. Razia is forced to transfer herself into a magical sword which can kill Ratash, as killing a djinn requires some complex and external power. The Prince succeeds in killing Ratash, injuring his brother deeply who elegantly dies in his arms in an emotional and dramatic moment in the Prince’s life and his heart. The Prince leaves Razia in the city and goes to tell Sharaman that Malik has died.