Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Has It’s Own Attractiveness

Prince Of Persia Warrior

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within is a 3D platformer with unpredictable environments with parkour and freerunning-styled moves. The player would often return to already visited locations several times from various directions, in time portals to visit the same places in the present and the past. His life takes a new and more exciting turn as he learns the dark arts which is another feature of the Persian royal life that the prince takes over in every new game. Another new and unique feature that the game offers is the free-form fighting system that gives the players a chance to develop their own combat system. There are multiple endings, long epic action, and fifty weapons to explore.

The game has dual-wield melee combat and Warrior Within makes the sword his top choice weapon while requiring him to obtain and find a secondary weapon from fallen enemies or weapon racks in order to use one. The new combat system regulates a free-flow fighting style. The graphic aggression takes you to another level of entertainment and experience. There are acrobatic combos, efficiency, and brutality. There are varying bonuses and penalties applied to the player’s damage and hit points, they allow a limited form of ranged combat and limited durability.

How The Story Goes

Seven years in the future after his release of the Sands in the palace, the Prince is hunted by Dahaka as the Prince was destined to die after releasing the Sands. The Prince’s ship is attacked by Shahdee, but he survives and washes up on the island. He chases Shahdee through a time portal, killing her in combat after finding her apparently attacking Kaileena. The prince is watched by the Sand Wraith, which is killed by the Dahaka. In the throne room, Kaileena calls herself the Empress, charging on the Prince to change her fate of death in his control. The Prince kills her, but the Dahaka still follows him; it was the Empress’s death that created the Sands of Time. The Prince finds a carving that first recovered the Sands, an artifact called the Mask of the Wraith. He uses a time portal to bring Kaileena into the present, allowing the Sands to be created while negating their discovery to Azad.. The Mask transforms the Prince into the same Sand Wraith which followed him before, and he sees Kaileena’s desperate attempts to change her fate despite Shahdee’s negativity, and that she was fighting with Shahdee. The Prince succeeds in getting his other self taken by the Dahaka, taking his place in the timeline and freeing him of the Mask. The Prince continues to the throne room and she attacks him in spite of everything.

The ending changes depending on a weapon called the Water Sword. Without the Water Sword, the Prince kills Kaileena and the Dahaka absorbs her and all remains of the Sands’ power. With the Water Sword, the Prince protects Kaileena from the Dahaka’s attack and uses the Water Sword to kill it, and the two mount on a boat and leave the island on a voyage. In both endings, Babylon is shown in flames and in danger of an opponent army.

Unique and Rare Entertainment

You can manipulate history and explore a cursed underworld where you can feel Dahaka chase you with her dark personality until you are dead. Platforming is what makes this game unique and you can even defy gravity. What makes the visuals one of a kind is the dark, beautiful accentuation combined with the classic killer look of the Prince that completes everything in the game. The Prince slashes his way through the underworld and fights his own end by traveling to the island of time. He was introduced to the endless and fantastic hourglass of time, ending with the Sands of Time. He lost his father and lover when trying to recapture the sands in the hourglass. He was supposed to die after this but was chased by Dahaka because of his survival. There are walk-throughs, upgrades, secrets, and combat strategies.

Gameplay Tactics

The Eye of the Storm power is an important combat ally. Employ various weapon combinations like straight-up primary and secondary weapon combos or acrobatic combinations and finish off enemies to restore sand.

The Prince prepares to strike, after the Prince launches over the enemy, press the secondary attack button for your primary and secondary weapons. Your environment is part of your combat techniques. Spinning around a column can tear enemies all the way.
The golem creatures can give you a tough time. Defeat the giant golems by striking the back of the creature’s legs and they have the same weaknesses too. Roll behind the creature and repeatedly strike the golem’s legs with your weapon. When the golem goes countering, roll to protect yourself from the swipes and resume the attack. After some efforts and attacks, the golem drops to the ground. Use the Eye of the Storm power then strike the golem’s cranium again and again. Watch the golem’s shoulders. Move to avoid the grasp of the golem’s other hand. Your adventure begins at sea and Shadhee attacks the prince’s ship. Watch out for the instructions as you battle attackers and work through the crumbling vessel. Use block attacks and combo maneuvers on the enemies.

Drink the water to regain your health and battle enemies with combos. Reach the ship’s underbelly, return to the upper deck and combat more enemies. Test out the acrobatic attack combinations. Save as much health as possible because you have a difficult battle upcoming.

The prince picks up a stick to use until he can find a sword. Go to the flames at the beach and deal with more birds during the trip. At the staircase’s left side find a chest, climb the stairs, jump over and pull up over the block ahead. Run and jump over the next gap. Reach the rock just beyond the fountain. In the end, jump to the other ledge, go to the flame and jump up to the higher ledge.

List Of Glitches You Should Be Familiar With

You encounter mirrored fates, race to the throne water, gardens, and more in a similar way. Players have faced the “Wraith glitch”, because of which the player is turned into the Sand Wraith too early, in the “Fate’s Dark Hand”.

There is a “Ghost” glitch during the Crow Master chapter. At the Mechanical Tower, the bridge the Prince must use for access to the lever that activates the tower will not rise.

In the last and final life upgrade after reverting from the Sand Wraith, if the Prince chooses to move through the Sacrificial Altar instead of the Throne Room, his only path leads him to Southern Passage. The hole in the wall that the Dahaka created there earlier is hard to deal with and the Prince finds himself trapped. This is called the “Dahaka Hole” glitch and “The Empress” glitch causes when the Empress of Time breaks the wall and the player is carried to “The Face of Time”. In the Xbox, GameCube, and Windows versions of the game, the sound in cut scenes like voice acting, music, and sound effects will either not be in rhythm with the action, or not be there at all. In the time portal room, the sand portal fails to activate when the Prince is in it.

When fighting Kaileena, if the Prince slows down time, then Kaileena slows down time, then the Prince rewinds time, then he will become four times faster than the game would normally allow, even faster than what fast forward time makes him. During the first encounter with a golem, at the beginning of the Machine Tower, the golem is sometimes invisible making it very hard to defeat it.