Shattered Throne Gives Maze Like Confusion

Shattered Throne

The underground prison is surely an exciting place to explore in this Forsaken fantasy world game. In Eleusinia the cause of corruption is detected and the players have a loot pool with Dreaming City weapons. The players encounter mini-bosses, broken bridges, classic temples, symbols, and mysterious sealed gateways. The Descent is a staircase that tries to stop the player while running. Now the players meet Vandals, Phalanxes, and the Captain boss. Never mind the Phalanxes also block the player’s way again in the Hobgoblin’s hallway. The smart enemies you need to kill now are Vorgeth, the first boss, and then kill the wizards.
If you find yourself in the dungeon in Dreaming City, you are the guardian entrusted with the slaying job. Then you find the Oracle building, bridge, portal, the low lighting room’s entrance, and then the Shattered Throne Map. On the map, you’ll defeat the Knight boss, and find the Temple of the Infinite, Tower in The Sky, and Tower of the Deep among other spots. You need to find out how all the maze temples create the same meaning. Your radar updates you on enemy closeness and you have the possibility to find the hidden chests. Meanwhile be prepared for goblins, bosses, and the labyrinth architect. The creative symbols you find here are the infinity snake, U snake, Dragon breathing fire, boring bird, fish curl, two fish spin, and birds flying down.

In this labyrinth, the guardian has to fight in the black hole against Taken enemies. Season of The Lost Weapons is the best for dealing with Taken Hobgoblins. The labyrinth is a narrow road and the Guardians might stray out of the map. The phalanx also has a shield to be cautious of. It starts with The Acolytes and the Taken Knight mini-boss. Clearing this level leads you to the seven symbols. You need an invisibility grenade in the Hunter Build. The toughest element in this mission is the spawning enemies in your way. You need the Blind Grenades, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher to survive this complex structure. The labyrinth enemies are Major Taken Captains, Minotaur, Taken Thralls, Taken Hobgoblins, Taken Acolytes, and Phalanxes. You need to eye the symbols, their fights, and the enemy calls. After six fights of this first encounter, the dragon symbol leads you to the southern corner of the map to defeat the taken enemies.

This is the first, full-scale, and most demanding raid of the game in the Leviathan. You meet a bloody beast in the Dreaming City called Ahamkara. Here you need the minimum requirement of power at 590 and make up for any lack of power. A night stalker is necessary for the orb of light generation. A Dawnblade Warlock with a Well of Radiance is required for the over-the-shield and more damage. Lunafaction Boots is a Warlock Exotic of great importance. The two exotic powers called the sleeper stimulant and the whisper of the worm are really needed. There’s no void for a powerful boss here and she’s called Kalli the Corrupted. This room has been divided and you must defeat other enemies. Meanwhile, Kalli is busy and happy teleporting everywhere so you must avoid her in this condition. Stepping on any taken bomb kills you instantly. Killing the spawned knight means the symbol in the center disappears. Stepping on a forbidden plate means you just activated an unwanted symbol. As Kalli signifies entering you need to hide in one of the doors to avoid her. After the explosion, you need to kill Kalli again. Spawned enemies reenter and you need to unlock one of the safe rooms too. This is a long process until Kalli dies or you get wiped out.

Lastly, you reach the Dul Incaru boss who has the most suspicious moves. She is the Ascendant Hive wizard, the daughter of a witch queen with the power of the curse. What’s more, is that he is protected by three of his own Taken Champions and army psions. You need to knock her down with the highest stats and Power weapons before his curse takes over the region. You have special loot and mini-raid challenges in the dungeon.

The players must be purified of the Finite Thought before the timer hits zero which is the moment of their demise. To defeat her, the players need to kill the Fatesmiths and gather their Finite Thoughts, giving 45 seconds of harm done. The crystal behind her must be shattered for a victorious win. The 45-second timer keeps sticking if the boss has full immunity. You kill the three knights simultaneously to let the, give off an orb that helps you in killing the boss. This also gives the Finite Thought timer which you have to yield the maximum harm to the boss. To mercilessly defeat the boss you must acquire some of your own high-level game strategies while playing solo. Your long ranged weapons are a life saver like the sniper rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Thunderlord.