Top 10 Bestselling PC Games

top 10 best selling pc games

The best games are cutting edge with story and gamer entertainment. The controls and challenges must trigger the player with its leader boards and combat skills. The graphics and feeling of the game must be unique and otherworldly. The point is you must be smartly transported into another world and the game must challenge the other games in competition.  The hardware and gaming controls both must be immersive and gripping in an intelligent background. Realistic graphics must look pretty and read what the gamer was thinking about graphics expectations in the bestselling PC games. Some genres, themes and fighting tactics top selling charts with the popularity of racing, battle or murder games. The characters are something that will always stay with the gamer so he must relate to the character. The character must be smart and with the best fighting skills for the achievements and goals of a player. Competition in the game is also of importance and the communication of the gamer with game must be deep and meaningful.

Mirror’s Edge

This is the EA freedom centered game over a city of glass. It is the epitome of fast paced gaming, best visuals, wall exploration, death risking jumps from each rooftop and killer martial arts skills. She is physically sound to take in any impact with her physical strength, momentum, smart environment utilization and heavy action throughout the game adventure. She has special movements, focus and light weight for free running and victory.

Low speed and attacks must be avoided with smart and bold jumps while she must watch her movements and smoothness for the smart gaming. You might need some sharp angles turns at 180 degrees and sudden acceleration. Surveillance equipment keeps you updated, MAG rope, and disrupter is the power source and military level decryption mod. There are the full body heavy traversal attacks with power, punches and kicks that knock your enemy down with your momentum. Movement is her defense and momentum is her strength. The NVIDIA Geforce or AMD graphics card serves you best with a splash of style.

Severed Steel

This is a super good looking FPS game with one armed stunt system and voxel environment. The slow motion can remain seated inside you mind and the parkour game gives you the best ability to slow time down for you quests. There is no reloading of weapons and you are the armed sharpshooter while you dodge bullets with ease. There’s destruction and fast gunplay, wall running, diving, smooth movement must be under control at all costs. Somersaulting and flipping while you kick in this dynamic game play. You gain weapons and ammo from dead enemies’ corpses in a killer combat style. Later you don’t have to overcome wall and other obstacles and you also have powerful cannon.

You have to be creative, solve deep puzzles, headshots, firefight and make use of top grade environmental destruction. There’s a brand new cannon mode upgrade called the Meta Grenade. The new weapons added to your stock are suppressed deagle, sawn off shotgun and suppressed mac10. New achievements and game tweaks like stunt, level, weapons and enemy have been added as upgrades. Cinematic gunfights in angelic graphics are empowering to the fighting gamer who is now more motivated when the grenade is in hand. They have the double jump, baseball slide and trinity rooftop dives.

Horizon Forbidden West

The strong huntress is a tribal heroine who sets out to unravel the source of a deadly infection or plague. She goes from Utah to the Pacific coast mapping out natural disasters, murderous machines, tough storms, unpredictable enemies, snowy mountains, tropical beaches and ruined city remains. There are ancient maps, underwater adventure, driest deserts and extinction dangers. There are flying machines, many locations, Californian setting, threats and the passion to grab an oppurtunity to save the world while she’s alone in this fight. She’s the only person who can actually save the world from a disaster and she’s pretty arrogant.

The Stanley Parable

This is a video game generous to your fantasies that you have in your office, fueling them with energy. The raw ability of the game to judge you decisions in a rule free and unconventional games make you feel like you are having your flights. One day all Stanley was left doing in his office was wondering why he has been left idle without any assignments. There are a whopping 19 alternate endings and the broom closet ending, freedom ending and the countdown ending to the many doors in the office.

The heaven ending has buttons, input on a computer and the boss office that takes you to heaven. Elevator ending incites Stanly to make a press conference event about himself. The humor in the apartment ending that he expects his wife at the apartment but a robot mannequin awaits him. The narrator is a guide, misunderstood entity and sarcastic voice to Stanley and changing his behavior in every ending. He is master of reality warping, plot manipulation, reloading, controlling, telekinesis, time reloading, summoning, weather control and non existence among others. His weak points are pointless foretelling, inability to control Stanley, temper and even the bucket.

The Elden Ring

Meet the best selling game in America after the boost from COVID situation in market. It is rather exciting and stimulating to the players nerves with the right balance of challenge to the player’s gaming ability. The castles and forests form the right point for mysterious and secrets that need to be uncovered. A fantasy writer has blessed the awarded game structure of this role playing action game. It works with Play Station, Windows, Xbox and the magic spells, horse riding and the freedom in the largely open world is enough to lure you in.

The world is full of unpredictable discoveries and combat. The game comes with demigods, caves, tunnels, dungeons, wasteland, undead monsters, ancient ruins and enemies. Poison darts, spirit summoning ash, boss fight arenas, trick weapons, Mantis blade and multiplayer gaming are some of the jewels in this game. It comes with the incredible NVIDIA graphics card combined with the beautiful elements of good graphics gaming that you might want to explore.

The Last Of Us

It is not just a void of beautiful emotions but also a platform that gives meaning with the painful past buried deep inside the character fueled by the cinematics. The survival based life has toughened the teenager’ fierce heart. The award winning game has been setup in military quarantine remains to save the United States from a pandemic virus. The multiple genre adventure, action and horror game get seven more interesting when World Health Organization cannot find vaccine solution to this world depression. In a world of deadly brain infection and smuggling, there are the four phases of summer, fall, winter and spring.

The Last Of Us

The survival based life has toughened the teenager’ fierce heart. The award winning game has been setup in military quarantine remains to save the United States from a pandemic virus. The multiple genre adventure, action and horror game get seven more interesting when World Health Organization cannot find vaccine solution to this world depression. In a world of deadly brain infection and smuggling, there are the four phases of summer, fall, winter and spring.  The player offense is not incomplete without the weapons like explosives, guns, health kit, ammunitions and pistols. The chapters in this game are The Quarantine Zone, Hometown, The Outskirts, Pittsburgh, The suburbs, the bus depot and Jackson. The game has conversations, relationships that break walls and non combat actions. The characters can regain their health, combat enemies and find storage. The Artificial Intelligence is intelligent enough to animate the characters and their emotional response to the events in the story that trigger them.

Shattered Throne

If you find yourself in the dungeon in Dreaming City, you are the guardian entrusted with the slaying job. Then you find the Oracle building, bridge, portal, the low lighting room’s entrance and then the Shattered Throne Map.  On the map you’ll defeat the Knight boss, find the Temple of the Infinite, Tower in The Sky and Tower of the Deep among other spots. You need to find out how all the maze temples are create the same meaning. Your radar updates you on enemy closeness and you have possibilities to find the hidden chests.

At the Dul Incaro witch abode, the players must be purified of the Finite Thought before the timer hits zero which the moment of their demise. To defeat her, the players need to kill the Fatesmiths, gather their Finite Thoughts, giving 45 seconds of harm done. The crystal behind her must be shattered for a victorious win. The 45 second timer keeps sticking if the boss has full immunity. You kill the three knights simultaneously to let the, give off an orb that helps you in killing the boss. This also gives the Finite Thought timer which you have to yield the maximum harm to the boss.  To mercilessly defeat the boss you must acquire some your own high level game strategies while playing solo. Your long ranged weapons are a life saver like the sniper rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Thunderlord

League Of Legends

League Of Legends is the endless fantasy world of Runeterra which has its own other world dimension. The hyped countries participating and physical tournaments are really exciting and addictive. Louis Vuitton has designed world class travel case for the leading prize- Summoner’s Cup, in a special edition for Riot Games. This shows that there is nothing this game can’t do and it comes with a full package of real life excitement, championships, pop music concerts, luxury brand designs and blood rushing tournaments all in one. Runeterra is the magical earth in whose realm lies endless empires in the spirit realm with every quality of a fictional universe. There are secret continents but the known ones are the discovered Valoron, Shurima and the Camavoran Continent. The vast eighteen seas include the Guardian’s Sea and the Conqueror’s Sea. The sun and moon are mirrored equivalents in the spirit realm. The planet wars at Runeterra has its own exclusive horrors that remains unmatched as long as one can remember.

Prince Of Persia

The magical sands take a form to test the prince in a flexible time spell. The Prince is sent by his father Sharaman to learn royal combat and acquire the throne power eligibility from his brother Malik and the invaders to blame are the Solomon’s Army, a gripping supernatural force that controls the palace magically. Malik releases Solomon’s Army for defeating the opponent army but the Prince was against these proceedings. The Prince is drawn into a spiritual haven by Razia, queen of the Marid djinn and the army is led by Ratash. He is no longer with his brother and the two halves of the seal must be reunited for Ratash and the army to be taken down.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has advanced technology powered by the award-winning Anvil engine. The Prince is not just a war fighter but has unimagined control over environment and his enemies in a magical fantasy adventure. When he has God like abilities to control the natural world, he finds that it clashes with his power to go back in time giving him a destructive and tough time. The game is compatible with PC, PlayStation, PSP, Xbox in a live action adventure.