Top 5 Popularly Ranked Games

Top 5 Popularly Ranked Games

The favorite PC games are professional and realistic that set trends and hooks global players just with the hottest trailer release. The bestselling and top grossing games are leading charts and statistics in the market because they are competitive, engrossing, fresh and exciting. The controls and challenges must trigger the player with its leader boards and combat skills. The graphics and feeling of the game must be unique and otherworldly. The point is you must be smartly transported into another world and the game must challenge the other games in competition.  The hardware and gaming controls both must be immersive and gripping in an intelligent background. Realistic graphics must look pretty and read what the gamer was thinking about graphics expectations.

  1. Free Fire

Free fire can be a dream for the typical Indian gamer with the most realistic graphics that has all the attention of Indian gaming enthusiasts. There are E Sports tournaments that see the overall growth of the game in the coming years. Free fire Summer Cup tournament in India put up by the block chain based E sports fan engagement startup has its quarter finals, semi finals and grand finals. Exciting giveaways will be conducted in the tournament live stream that is all about strategies with the leading, professional and aspiring players in India. This event has made this game really popular in India among content creators, famous streamers and brands who come to sponsor the game for the biggest results. Free Fire has its own celebrity rankings for famous and top gamers. These gamers have a special attraction and power over their viewers and fans by casting a spell over their minds. These professional gamers are full of energy and dynamics that show in their excellent game statistics and win rates. They confidently collaborate with their unique skills and tactics with other players for a unique and impressive outcome. These players are ranked all over India, have a dedicated fan base and millions of subscribers.

2. FIFA 2023

This is a truly perfect game available for pre order with the iconic field of FIFA right on your screen and thousands to players to compete with while you feel your blood boiling with the desire to win. It has come up with the latest game play realism and it is safe to say that everything in this virtual world of FIFA is different. The developer is EA Canada and EA Romania and the publisher is electronic arts. It has Hyper Motion 2 creating an open platform for all the rare things you have never seen before like augmented reality broadcast replays, hyper realistic pitch surfaces and the stadium tension that creeps up your face. It has a women’s club teams and both men and women FIFA world cup tournament in a realistic, visually accurate and on point football animation. Now you can easily go International like you always wanted in the FIFA way. The International Football is conceptualized powerfully in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

This cutting edge player adventure brings the excitement of having the biggest opportunities at your fingertips. It brings the iconic 11v11 match in machine learning technology for the animations so authentic that almost smells like the football field. This is the next generation companion of consoles with cross play, risk versus reward shooting mechanic, refreshed free kicks, penalties and corners.

3. KERBAL space program 2

This game is designed to fuel and feed your curiosity to get out there in outer space and see what it’s really like. The release date is estimated in 2023. There’s nothing to not like in this modern and next generation space touring game that takes the responsibility of taking off with you. There’s nothing that you cannot lay your hands on, you can rack while building a space program with science based foundation, plan and execute your own mechanism design of a powerful spacecraft, kerbonauts, create and develop resource gathering colonies and become familiar with inner most secrets of every galaxy. Now you will be entangled in rocket science lab intelligence, space fight experts, animated tutorials that delve deeper into the most untouched corners, improved UI, full revamped assembly and flight instructions to work your own wonders.

This game is intelligent, practical and real that tests your willpower and decisions surrounded by next generation and newly innovated engines, parts, fuel science and more. You have the original space puzzles to tackle in the Kerbolar system. The Kerbal Space Program 2 are the colonies that you can also witness with the best possibilities in Physics, most adventurous resource gathering, build structures, space stations, space habitations and fuel type dynamics that you have to study in every research.

4. The Elden Ring

Meet the best selling game in America after the boost from COVID situation in market. It is rather exciting and stimulating to the players nerves with the right balance of challenge to the player’s gaming ability. The castles and forests form the right point for mysterious and secrets that need to be uncovered. A fantasy writer has blessed the awarded game structure of this role playing action game. It works with Play Station, Windows, Xbox and the magic spells, horse riding and the freedom in the largely open world is enough to lure you in.

The world is full of unpredictable discoveries and combat. The game comes with demigods, caves, tunnels, dungeons, wasteland, undead monsters, ancient ruins and enemies. Poison darts, spirit summoning ash, boss fight arenas, trick weapons, Mantis blade and multiplayer gaming are some of the jewels in this game. It comes with the incredible NVIDIA graphics card combined with the beautiful elements of good graphics gaming that you might want to explore.

The lands between must be travelled with magical spells, distinct playing style development, encounter the samurai, wretch, prophet, confessor, hero, vagabond, warrior and prisoner.

The broken golden order, demi gods and golden guidance of the greater will in the prefect realm war. All your unimagined realities come to life as you are the Tarnished Outcast who needs to explore this world. Play with History’s secrets to know about the Demi Gods origin and deal with arcane spells. The inviting scenes are full of elements of fantasy and adventure. The intelligent and otherworldly historical setting of Irish mythology with Norse mythology has been integrated for entertainment in the game.  The unforgettable stories of Irish monks transcend into the Ulster cycle of magic into war. The Fenian cycle comes next and finally the King cycle of conquest fables. The players need to deal with the strongest enemies Demi Gods and bag the Great Runes prize. These demi gods are not all equal in power and status and they are the root of all problems in the lands between.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

The strong huntress is a tribal heroine who sets out to unravel the source of a deadly infection or plague. She goes from Utah to the Pacific coast mapping out natural disasters, murderous machines, tough storms, unpredictable enemies, snowy mountains, tropical beaches and ruined city remains. There are ancient maps, underwater adventure, driest deserts and extinction dangers. There are flying machines, many locations, Californian setting, threats and the passion to grab an opportunity to save the world while she’s alone in this fight. She’s the only person who can actually save the world from a disaster and she’s pretty arrogant.

The tribes cultural past is pictured well with perfect voice acting and emotional facial animation. There’s ammo, explosive and rapid firing yet she is quite empty handed while battling fearlessly against the biggest creatures. Hunting season and combat can get on your nerves, so find some cover like a military soldier or throw a smoke bomb. You face invisible walls, tide rippers or water machines, full on war game called machine strike,  overriding machines that are aggressive or defensive and side quests that are as demanding and challenging as main quests. The characters have a deep and detailed relationship, interesting dialogues and different personalities. What she wants to learn is why she has the outcast status from birth and she gains a lot of knowledge from visiting unknown and abandoned lands.