Top NFT sales in 2022 to motivate you.

Hi Everyone, we are crazy about NFT and how it has shaped the whole economy; we are doing a bit of research on how to buy NFT and sell NFT at a high price. During our study, we learned about the highest selling NFT in 2022 and thought of sharing it with you.

Top 2 Selling NFT all over the world

The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork Whooping $91.8 Million. Can you dig that

The First 5000 Days: Which Sold For US$ 69 Million is so cool.

Some of the other NFT that is earning in 6 Figures

CLONE X – X TAKASHI MURAKAMI The highest price till now is $698,820, a salute to our team for this.

Arcade Land – Highest Price: $96,700, not so bad.