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Genshin impact

 Chiori Kit, Constellations, Ascension material and Talent materials

Hello fellow travelers, Chiori is going tou came in the banner in 4.5 update of genshin impact. If you are here it means you are excited about Chiori and you are looking for the information related to her. So you are on the Right website. i will share Ascension Materials.

All the Information i am share can change in the future because i found these information from reliable source and if you are pull chiori in 4.5 update you can per farm all the Materials. Ascension Materials are present in the game. So If you start perfarm for her and you guys can make upgrade her from 1 to 90 on the first day.

Chiori Talent materials

Chiori Ascension Materials

All the Materials given below are Important for Ascending chiori and for upgrading her Talents.

chiori weapon
  1. Prithiva Topaz Sliver
  2. Prithiva Topaz Fragment
  3. Prithiva Topaz Chunk
  4. Dendrobium
  5. Artificed Spare Clockwork
  6. Spectral Husk
  7. Spectral Heart
  8. Spectral Nucleus
  9. Hero’s wit
  10. Mora
chiori  Ascension Materials

Everything is already present in the game like Dendrobium, Spectral Nucleus, Spectral Husk Etc. You just need to explore map. You can Collect all the Ascension Materials from today.

All the Materials for upgrading Chiori Talents

Philosophies of Light 114
Guide to Light63
Teachings of Light9
Lightless Silk String18
Crown of Insight3
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