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Genshin impact

Genshin impact 5.0 banners || Genshin impact 5.0 Release Date

Hello fellow travelers, In the past we have share Genshin 4.6 banners but Today We are going to share genshin impact characters which are going to be present in the genshin impact 5.0 banners and also going to share the release date with you guys. Genshin impact 5.0 is going to be release on August 9th 2024. So for genshin impact 5.0 you have to wait for a long time.

Genshin impact 5.0 banners

Genshin Impact 5.0 Banner Characters Revealed

Dahlia Prison Girl Mummy Girl Madam Ping Skirk are going to be in the 5.0 banner of genshin impact. Dahlia will be a 4 Star Character and Hydro Catalyst User. Prison Girl is a 4 star character only this information is available. Mummy Girl is 4 Star Character and she is Hydro Bow User. Madam Ping and Skirk both are 5 star character but Skirk is a sword user.

Genshin impact 5.0 Release Date
1.Dahlia4 Star Character & Hydro Catalyst User
2.Prison Girl4 Star Character
3.Mummy Girl4 Star Character & Hydro Bow User
4.Madam Ping5 Star Character
5.Skirk5 Star Character & Sword user

These are the Characters going to be in the banner of 5.0 update of genshin impact. This is not confirm so take can channel in the future.

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