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Genshin Impact 4.6 Leaks ||New Artifacts And New Map In 4.6 Version

Hello fellow travelers, So Many leaks related to genshin impact 4.6 version circulating in among genshin impact players. In this article we are going to share all the leaks related to 2 New Artifacts And New area which is going to be release In 4.6 Version. If you want come primogems code You can check out our post Genshin impact free redeem code

Genshin Impact 4.6 Leaks

Genshin 4.6 artifacts

Two new Artifact Sets are going to be release in version 4.6. One new Set will be for Arlecchino because she is also going to be release in version 4.6. She will be a new playable character and it fair to think that they are also going to be release a New Artifact set for her but their is no information related to the artifact related to artifacts.

Genshin 4.6 artifacts

Second Artifact set will be related to Dendro Character. That Set Focus on Elemental Mastery and Buring reaction.

New Map In 4.6 Version In Genshin Impact

Their are so many speculation related to New map among the players. Genshin impact can release new map in version 4.6 but according to a info they can but they will not because they have already released a new map in 4.4 version and it will be too soon to release a new map instead of Releasing new map they are going to expand the area in fountain map.

New Map In 4.6 Version In Genshin Impact

The area which present in the image. is going to be expanded by the genshin impact in 4.6 version.

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