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Top 5 Best Gaming Headset Under 100 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

The headset has been recognized only as a means of entertaining yourself by listening to the music of your favorite musician for the past few decades, but my friend the world has changed. Now the era has come where the gaming industry has flourished as a career, as you can see a number of various legendary gamers have emerged and all of them usually perform headset gaming. Also, it helps you to get rid of those choppy or clicking noises which your keyboard or mouse makes. Thus need for a gaming headset is indeed irresistible. The need for a best gaming headset has arisen because now games have become so realistic and feel so real that it is necessary to have them as they help you to master secondary sense. Yes, you have caught it correct, it is the sense of hearing. 

Top 5 Best Gaming Headset Under 100

Also, it seems very impractical to spend such a large sum of your valuable money on such things which have a very short lifespan due to fast advancement in the technological sector of human civilization. It is because in a period of every 3-4 months a brand new gaming headset is launched in the market with a whole new feature and better gaming experience. And being a professional gamer it is important to be up to date with the technology as little delay in it can affect you and your future in the gaming industry severely. 

Thus seeing it very difficult to choose a best gaming headset along with a great price we have made a list of currently most popular gaming headsets with best in class features. The list contains gaming headsets of various popular brands like shades gaming headsets and bengoo g9000 stereo which are one of the best among their kinds. You can easily find these items on amazon. 


Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset is listed under best budget gaming headsets. The features that the company has claimed seem to be true. The word stereo in bengoo g9000 stereo gaming headset itself portraits the feeling of higher-performing quality which every gamer needs. This gaming headset has a never-ending list of eye-catching features. The bengoo headset is compactable with all kinds of gaming platforms from your smartphones or iPad in your hand to your pc and the premium PlayStations and Xbox setups and various kinds of others. This bengoo gaming headset is fitted with a 40mm neodymium driver which along with other components delivers you precise high-quality audio feedback which is enough to blow up your mind with pleasure. The headset also has a long flexible mic that is easy for the user to adjust at all angles. The anti-winding cable which is its key feature helps you to stay stress-free from the headache of unwinding it thus improving your gaming experience.


Features Of Bengoo g9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

  1. This bengoo g9000 stereo gaming headset is compactable with multiple platforms.
  2. Gives you the best quality bassexperience.
  3. Specially engineered for the human body which gives you a quality experience.
  4. Premium leather is used to ensure a great feel.
  5. Neodymium driver boosts the audio output for the best experience.
  6. Adjusting volume is now very easy with the controller in the cable.
1. Contains In-line controller.Need extra Microsoft adapter to use with old Xbox One.
2. 120-degree mic help to capture great sound.Contain wired cable for connectivity.
3. Contains LED light which gives a great experience.
4. High-grade wearable TPE is used which gives extra comfort.


Runmus gaming headset is designed keeping gaming enthusiasts in mind thus providing the best experience that one expects from his/her headset which simultaneously helps to improve your experience during gaming in best budget gaming headset category as stated by many runmus gaming headset reviews. The runmus gaming headset review seems to be one of the best in the case of a driver as it contains a 50mm neodymium driver that is more than enough to fulfill your gaming needs and equips you with immersive fluid sound quality to tackle the opponents like a pro during your gaming. The runmus gaming headset is a masterpiece which is compactable with PC, MAC, PS4 controller, and various other devices perfectly. The creators of the runmus gaming headset have used soft protein to make sure so the headset provides you the best comfort zone. Along with all this, it also has RBG lighting installed on it which gives fantastic look to the runmus gaming headset. It has a cable length of 2.2m / 7.22 feet which seems to be more than enough for the usage with different types of consoles. This Headset is best for Gaming laptops.

Features of Runmus gaming headset

  1. Contains a 50 mm driver which gives you quality output.
  2. The mic is sensitive up to 38dB hence catches audio efficiently.
  3. Gaming headset compactable with all kinds of devices.
  4. Designed to provide you with a stress-free gaming experience using advanced engineering.
1. Large cable length up to 2.2m.Need adapter to use with Xbox One.
2. Soft protein earpads help to maintain extreme comfort .The extremely long wire may cause problems to some users.
3. Contains a noise-canceling microphone.It contains wired audio connectivity.
4. It gives an aural experience that makes you feel the game.


This Logitech g432 gaming headset is made keeping the earth in mind thus committed to climate pledge-friendly. Thus if you are a nature lover you should go with this model of Logitech gaming headset for the best gaming experience. The creators have developed advanced sound escape technology that gives you extreme noise cancellation which is going to make your teammates listen to you more clearly and acting accordingly to win every battle. It also supports various hardware platforms like Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, and smartphones so you won’t have any problem connecting them with the devices. It comes with huge 50mm drivers which are more than enough to enrich your gaming experience with the best audio experience among others with this price range. The overall structure of the Logitech gaming headset is made keeping the long hours’ gameplay in mind so it is made ultra-slim and lightweight plus containing rotating sports performance ear cups for a better fit over your ears.


Features of Logitech g432 gaming headset

  1. Climate pledge friendly device.
  2. 50 mm driver for big sound delivery.
  3. Advance DTS technology with 3D sound escape.
  4. Leather ear cups for comfort.
1.It comes with flip to mute mic.Does not have RBG light effect making it less attractive.
2. Loud and clear with expansive cinematic sound experience.Have wire which may be less convenient.
3. Advance feature of flip to mute mic.Does not have programmable buttons.
4. The 50mm driver gives you a super clear bass experience.


This turtle beach stealth 600 gaming headset from turtle beach is completely wireless and keeping the spirit of gamers in mind the company provides an extremely large battery backup of around 15 hours which seems to be acceptable when we compare it with the charging time the headset takes. This turtle beach stealth 600 wireless headset helps you to get a heart-touching experience while using your PS4 along with all the other devices dropping it to a list of most compactable headsets in the present time. The ear cushions have breathable fabric which makes sure that airflow is maintained. As claimed by the developers the turtle beach gaming headset gives you a superhuman hearing capability which helps you to improve your performance while playing your favorite game. It is also fitted with a 50mm neodymium driver to help you to achieve the fullest from the headset. This gaming headset also helps to maintain your privacy by providing you advanced flip to mute feature. 

Features of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset

  1. Breathable ear cushions make you feel fresh.
  2. Contains thunder beach virtual surround sound technology.
  3. It contains a superhuman sound hearing setting that helps you to surprise your enemy.
  4. Provide you noise cancellation.
1. Glass friendly structure which exerts less force on your glasses. • 100% wireless model.Battery backup may be a problem for extremely long hour gameplays.
2. Large 15 hours battery backup to quench your thrust of gaming.It does not have RBG light on it which seems to be a little disappointing.
3. Flip-up mic model with a mute option.


Beexcellent gaming headset is fitted with a highly precise driver which gives an immense 360-degree audio effect which is surely going to provide you a great experience which you might in search of for a long time. It contains an adjustable headband making it extremely comfortable plus it is very lightweight which makes you forget about the beexcellent headsets over your head. If you go with this product the area around your ears will never hurt as the engineers have a positive approach towards this problem. They can be used with various kinds of hardware like PS4, Xbox, PC, Laptop, and smartphones hence keep compatibility in the first place. It has an excellent noise cancellation feature which helps you to get rid of your housemates’ annoying voice. The cable of beexcellent headset comes with a decent length of around 2.15m and the in-line volume control makes them extra convenient. Beexcellent headset is so especially designed which makes you feel that the world is in its extreme silence and helps you to connect with the gaming environment. 


Features of Beexcellent gaming headset

1. Low price with high-quality output.It does not have programmable buttons.
2. Thick and strong cable.It has no wireless connectivity which restricts your movement.
3. The flexible body helps you to get maximum comfort.
4. It is fitted with an excellent driver to provide the best gaming experience.


It seems difficult to choose the right and appropriate gaming headset for yourself but actually, it is not that much hard. It is quite simple and easy to choose one for yourself just what you need is proper guidance. So for it, you can read the upcoming bullets to get rid of it.

  1. The first thing you should take care of while purchasing a gaming headset is comfort because if your headset is not comfortable then all other features of your headset are useless. Thus always be careful about it.
  2. Secondly, you have to go with sound because without proper hearing capability you will have the same condition as a soldier without bullets in his gun on a battlefield. Thus always run after the audio quality of your headset after comfort.
  3. Next, you need to have a good mic as it is only meant to stay connected with your friends and environment because no one wants to be deaf while the enemies are approaching you. So always prefer mic clarity after the previous ones.

So considering all the above points you should make a decision and remember. A wise man has said that think twice before you act.

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