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Genshin impact

Genshin 4.6 banners Update|| Upcoming genshin banners

Hello fellow travelers, Today i came up with genshin 4.6 banners Update. Progamersear is going to share all the upcoming characters which you guys can pull in the genshin 4.6 banner update. We got this news from our reliable source as you guys know that chiori is going to be release in 4.5 banner and chiori will be the only new character genshin impact is going to rerun all the old character like Neuvillette. All the Chiori Ascension Materials are available in the game. You can Per farm them. Arlecchino, niou, Hu tao, Ganyu, Shenshe and Althaitham are going to be in the banner of 4.6.

Genshin 4.6 banners

Characters Which you can Pull in Genshin 4.6 banners Update

In First phase Arlecchino, niou will be release in genshin 4.6 banner and in the second phase furina, alhaitham will be in the banner. special banner will be released by genshin impact and in that banner you will find hutao, ganyu, Shenhe. It can be a Triple banner but that is not confirmed because people are talking about Triple banners but genshin impact has never talked about any new banner system.

genshin 4.6 leak
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