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New Genshin Impact Character: All About Gaming’s Ascension & Release Date

Gear up, fellow Travelers! Gaming is about to hit the scene in Genshin Impact, and let me tell you—it’s gonna be lit! “Gaming, the Pyro 4-star with a claymore, ignites battles in Genshin Impact 4.4. A festival-themed hero wielding fiery abilities, arriving February 1, 2023.”

Genshin Impact is going to release a new character name gaming. Gaming is going to be release on the banner with a new character called Xianyun in the Lantern Rite Festival patch. Both of them are GOING to be seen on the update 4.4. Genshin Impact has comfirmed it that they are going to feature these characters.

As a Genshin Impact player we can pre- farm things related to them so we can ascend as soon as we get them from banner. How much materials, books, Mora you need to ascend them i will share it with you here in this article.

Essential Materials for Gaming’s Ascension to Level 90

As i told you Gaming is Pyro character with claymore in his kit. We learn about it because of the leaks related to gaming. Later we about the leaks but first lets talk about the required ascension materials you guys need to collect for making Gaming Level 90.

These are the Material you need to ascend gaming, Domain materials, Books and more.

gaming materials items
  • 7,049,900x Mora
  • 46x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 168x Starconch
  • 6x Agnidus Agate Gemstone
  • 9x Agnidus Agate Chunk
  • 1x Agnidus Agate Sliver
  • 9x Agnidus Agate Fragment
  • 418x Hero’s Wit
  • 2x Wanderer’s Advice
  • 129x Slime Concentrate
  • 96x Slime Secretions
  • 26x Slime Condensate
  • 18x Lightless Mass
  • 114x Philosophies of Prosperity
  • 63x Guide to Prosperity
  • 9x Teachings of Prosperity
  • 3x Crown of Insight

As you know that to level up any Character in Genshin Impact from level 1 to 10 you just need books. After level 20 u need to start ascending a Character so i have share all the materials you need to ascend gaming from level 20 to 90.

Ascension Materials for Gaming in Genshin Impact:

Ascension Materials for Gaming in Genshin Impact:

Level 20 Ascension

  • 1x Agnidus Agate Sliver
  • 3x Starconch
  • 3x Slime Condensate
  • 20,000 Mora

Level 40 Ascension

  • 3x Agnidus Agate Fragment
  • 2x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 10x Starconch
  • 15x Slime Condensate
  • 40,000 Mora

Level 50 Ascension

  • 6x Agnidus Agate Fragment
  • 4x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 20x Starconch
  • 15x Slime Secretions
  • 60,000 Mora

Level 60 Ascension

  • 3x Agnidus Agate Chunk
  • 8x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 30x Starconch
  • 18x Slime Secretions
  • 80,000 Mora

Level 70 Ascension

  • 6x Agnidus Agate Chunk
  • 12x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 45x Starconch
  • 12x Slime Concentrate
  • 100,000 Mora

Level 80 Ascension

  • 6x Agnidus Agate Gemstone
  • 60x Starconch
  • 20x Emperor’s Resolution
  • 24x Slime Concentrate
  • 120,000 Mora

Level 90 Ascension

Frist you need to level up from level 80 to 90 with the use of books then you Need 750000 Mora and Crown of Insight. without Crown of Insight you can not ascend gaming to level 90.

You can find all the material in current genish imapct map so what are you waiting for pre- farm if you are going to pull for gaming this is the best time for you. I hope you like this article. Thank you.

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