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Gta 6 release date, Poster, Map, characters, Gameplay, Location

Gta series is one of best and  successful Series of All time and our childhood also remember all cheat codes of gta vice city and Gta Sendreas but When We grow Rokstart also grows and make there big giants like gta 4 and gta 5 but Now they announced The most trending News, They officially Announced that they are Working on Next Gta Series game. We all know that what is next game we expect from gta series. Yes absolutely right gta 6 is Coming but what are there Characters and what are the missions We got in gta 6.

What country is GTA 6 in?

We Know that gta series are very good and explor cities like liberty and Vice city so We can Expect that shall vice city take back in New Era of gta 6, and if it’s back so it’s very very good sing for 90s kids because we are Very Good enough for gta vice city and if it’s come again so our nostalgia level goes on peak.
Now we Know that Gta IV and Gta V is exploring 3 characters so we Know that gta 6 is going to biggest revolution of game and maybe the Pattern is continue so we can expect that 3 players also we get in gta 6 and also, a Real Expression and Body age growing and also beard and all things is growing up, so gta 6 is going to best gift for all gamers.

Does GTA 6 have real cars?

We can Expect good controls from gta 6 because gta 6 is getting very hipe and if it’s control not easy to use so this going to worst thing that we know. We know that cars are main attraction of gta series but we know that gta 4 is very good at Run cars but gta 5 is very light to runs car so this one issue gta 6 is going to fix

Does Gta 6 Is really Gta 6?

We see that Rockstar message that they are Working on Next Gta Series but not officially say that Working on gta 6 and we know that there are many games like Gta vice city, Gta Chinatown so Shall we expect that this is maybe Storyline side Gta Series.

Story of Gta 6?

If this is Story based game So this one is not going to named gta 6 it’s going to A perfect city name like gta Chinatown so that there are many Things and myth that Rockstar statement create. We can Get All details that are the leaks from rockstart also we expect best visual effects and also a good graphics from gta series We know that they are putting more and more efforts in there future projects and this time also Rockstar made us happy by putting there whole effort In gta 6.

I hope you get your answer from gta 6 and thank you for Reading.

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