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Minecraft animals: Every player need to know about

Minecraft! This game was developed by Mojang studio and first made fully public in 2011 but due to the great popularity of the game in the market, Microsoft has purchased Mojang and Minecraft in 2014. This game is mainly an open-world game that is available on all platforms like Microsoft and even on android. This is a sandbox game with a 3D environment that is made up of cube-like structures. In the article, we are going to explain to you about Minecraft animals.

. All the structures whether it is sand, river, sun, clouds, anything which you can imagine of this whole world is made up of cubes in a pixilated form which gives you a feeling of old generation games but with a modern and nicer look. Now just think about the greatest game of all time, you may think of pubg or fortnight but my friend you are wrong. According to many sites and agencies, Minecraft has been termed as the most popular game of all time. In the game, you are free to move anywhere and can do whatever you want to do.

In Minecraft, there are three types of mobs (every living thing on the Minecraft world) and they are termed as follows:

  1. Active
  2. Passive
  3. Neutral

Animals in Minecraft come under passive mobs means they are not of any great threat and if you attack them they will simply run away. They can also of great use as they can provide you with materials like meat and fur which can be used to make other items. Also, they can be tamed or breed to produce more of their kinds. Further, we are also going to answer some of your queries on Minecraft animals which are asked frequently on social platforms such as:

  1. How to bread animals in Minecraft.
  2. How to mane animals in Minecraft.
  3. How to teleport animals in Minecraft.
  4. How to catch an animal in Minecraft.

You can perform the above actions on the following animals according to your benefit and requirements:

  1. Sheep
  2. Pigs
  3. Cows
  4. Mooshrooms
  5. Chickens
  6. Rabbits/bunnies
  7. Mules
  8. Horse
  9. Donkeys
  10. Ocelots/cats
  11. Dogs/wolf
  12. Squid
  13. Bats
  14. Polar bears
  15. bees

Now the time comes to answer the most asked question which is ” How to breed animals in Minecraft? “. So let us see how it is done.


Breeding is a simple task. What you need to do is just feed the animal with a specific kind of food like wheat or apple. As soon as you feed the animal with a specific food heart will appear over them which indicated that they are ready to breed but both the animals should be within a distance of around eight cubes or otherwise nothing will happen. So to avoid this you must first keep or bound the mob or animal in a small place and then feed them so that your aim is fulfilled. You also need to tame some kind of animals before breeding them.


  1. two animals can only breed once in a period of five minutes.
  2. It takes about twenty minutes for a baby animal to become an adult and do breeding.

The food items for breeding specific animal in given below:

  • Bees

To breed bees you need to feed them with flowers. You can feed them with any kind of flower and then they will produce a baby bee.

  • Cats

Before breeding cats you need to tame them which can be done just by feeding them with raw cod or salmon. They will be tamed and hearts will appear over them then just again feed them with fish and they will start breeding.

  • Chicken

This animal in Minecraft can be breed easily by just feeding them with beetroot seed, melon seed, or wheat seed. And they will start breeding.

  • Cows/mooshrooms

Both Minecraft animals can be breed easily just by feeding them with wheat.

  • Donkeys/horsed

To breed these animals you need to tame them first by clicking over them and as the heart appears over the donkey/horse you can feed them with golden apple or carrot and they will breed.

  • Foxes

You can breed foxes only in tiaga biome. As soon as two foxes are in the range of eight blocks feed them with sweet berries.

  • Pigs

To breed this animal in Minecraft you just need to feed them with beetroot, carrot, or potato.

  1. Sheep

Sheep can breed just by feeding them with wheat.

  • Wolves

Wolves first need to be tamed with a bone once tamed just feed them with meat to make them breed. So, you can make all the above animals by feeding them with the above food or in specific conditions by taming them with another kind of food.


  1. Naming an animal in Minecraft is a dream of every player. So here is the guide which will make you do it more easily.
  2. First of all, you need to make sure that you have all the requires items to name a mob or animal.
  3. Open your crafting table and craft an anvil because without it you may not be able to name your animal in Minecraft.
  4. You can’t craft a name tag so you need to get it from mine or by fishing. You can also get it from villagers in the village if you have found one.
  5. Then make sure that your experience is at least one to craft a custom name tag.
  6. Then place your anvil on the ground and then just move your name tag to the character Hotbar.
  7. Then just add the name to it e.g. tom.
  8. Take the name tag in your hand.
  9. After that locate the mob, face it and select the mob.

Now, you will find a name tag over their head with the name assigned by you.

How to teleport animals in Minecraft?

Teleporting animals in Minecraft is a nice feature in case you can’t find them or they are lost. There are two ways you can use teleportation one when you teleport to your animal and the second one in which your animal is teleported to you.

 To teleport yourself to an animal in minecraft you need to type the following command mentioned below:

  1. /tp your user name @e[type=animal type,name=your pet name_]

Example: /tp mike @e[type=sheep,name=dolly_]

  • After writing this code you only need to press enter and within a second you will be teleported to your pet.

To teleport your animal to you:

Now, if you lost your pet and you want it to come to you, you just need to type the following command:

  • /tp @e[type=animal type,name=your pet name_] your name

Example: /tp @e[type=sheep,name=dolly_] mike

  • After writing this set of code just press enter to make your pet teleport to you.

How to catch an animal in Minecraft

Catching animal in Minecraft is one of the most important features which every player wants to use because after that your success speed in Minecraft multiplied by many times. Also after catching Minecraft animals, you could breed them to produce more babies which can further be used to produce more of their kind and give you essential items like fur, food, etc. so let us learn how to catch animals in Minecraft.

  1. To catch animals in Minecraft you need to tame the Minecraft animals first. For example, you can tame cats with fish, and after they are tamed heart will appear over them which is the indication that the taming is successful.

(the list of food items that can be used to tame animals is given above)

2. After taming the animal they will follow you. So just make them come in the fence and close the door of the fence and boom you have caught your first Minecraft animal.

Minecraft is a very interesting game that is very addictive. So here are some facts that will force you to scratch your head.

  1. The developer has claimed that it took only six days for him to make the first version of Minecraft which was then known as a cave game.
  2. In 2014 Microsoft purchased Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars.
  3. Mojang has not done any advertisement for Minecraft but still, it is very popular.
  4. Some schools have made Minecraft a mandatory subject as they think it is very good for their holistic development.
  5. One brick of Minecraft is one cubic meter in the real world. So according to this one chicken in Minecraft is about three feet.

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