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What Was So Interesting About Pokemon Go?

Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Now there are times that are spent just doing the usual things school on the other hand there are moments that we remember for a lifetime. The Pokémon Go  era was one such time that none of us would be able to forget for at least four to five tickets that are coming.The second is visible just as we don’t have to give any explanation for details about the game or the Pokémon Go era in general. the basic reason behind this is that it was so in fact full that just the words give you the flashbacks of the times wherein you would see people all around you going beyond the limits just to chase some pokemons

Well this was the year of 2018 wherein we saw a lot of people going crazy in order to chase the pokemons well located at different locations around the area in which you live or ever have entered in the game. As a result of this impact Pokémon Go became one of the most successful mobile games of all the time that people have seen up till now. Due to this add broke most of the records and that to within a very short period of time and became one of the fastest games to earn a large number of crowd. and this crowd was no regular crowd but numbers which were over 100 million.

Pokemon Go And Its Crazy Success:

Pokémon Go ahead not just broken a number of recordsbut it also became not one of the most downloaded games but the most downloaded game just in the first month after its release. now if you want us to be precise we can actually give you the details in numbers which is something you wouldn’t even have expected in your wildest dreams. the game had grossed around $2 billion revenue, yes you read it right $2 billion as revenue. And then we talk about it as the most downloaded game is because it had been downloaded more than 800 million times.

The craze of the game had crossed so many lines that people were actually addicted to the game. now there are many people around the world who called it as a kids game but well that’s not the reality because we can clearly see a number of adults playing the game which is actually crossed in comparison to the number of children playing it. And there is no shame because Pokémon Go has now become one of the world’s most important game. The credits can definitely be given to the AR  differences available in the game.And then addition to all of these things it is also good for you on your health do the following ways.

Health Benefits Too:

Yes the game that you love so much also provides health benefits because humans these days are so prone to just stay at home and play online games that they lack vitamins like vitamin D because of no sunshine. But Pokémon Go requires you to go collect pokemons which results of you being in the center along period of time everyday.In addition to the vitamin D it also provides some physical activity because you have to move from one place to the other. Now most of the people play Pokémon Go and as a result of this you can always increase and have a greater amount of social interaction!

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