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Sigewinne leaks|| Sigewinne Kit Details, Release Date & Gameplay

Hello fellow travelers, Today i am very excited to share some new Sigewinne leaks like Sigewinne Kit Details, Release Date & Gameplay. Sigewinne is a cute looking character and she is from fontaine. she is going to be release in 4.7 update genshin impact. Sigewinne her element is hydro because she is from fontaine and all the character from fontaine has hydro element.

Sigewinne will be a 4 star character but some people think that she will be a 5 star character. According to the scrouse she will be a 4 star character in the game because genshin has already introduced so many 5 star character in the game from fontaine.

Sigewinne leaks

Sigewinne Leaks related to her Kit

Sigewinne will be welding a bow and the element will be hydro this is confirmed by many beta players and for the elemental skill she is said to do three normal ATK and a more precise charged shot just like Navia and for her elemental burst it said that she will create a hydro area in with she will constantly apply hydro to enemies and the damage will depend on her max hp while she will also heal the team after she uses her elemental burst and she will be able to play many roles in a team just like Furina who can change mode and with the change of mode she can be either healer, sub-DPS, and DPS with her c6 and signwinne is said to be a 4-star character.

Sigewinne Gamplay with Full Explanation

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