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Titanfall 2 Weapons – Every Player Need To Know

Titanfall 2 weapons

Titanfall two is one game that most of the people who are gamers or game players would give their hearts out to. And this was one game that acquired so many fans just with its release initially. that must be something different in this game that so many people are mad about it. As a result, today, we are going to talk about Titanfall 2 in detail. Several people are asking so many questions about Titanfall two weapons. So today we have decided to write an article on our same, and first, it discusses the primary weapons under Titanfall two as they are the ones which help you in any task primarily.

In addition to it, we will also discuss some of the primary mods So that you have a clear understanding of all that you can use and will be able to use as a part of Titanfall 2. In this article today, we will provide you with all the information or most of it in the form of tables so that it is straightforward for you to understand it so that there are no misconceptions or misunderstandings and mistakes made in the future. Because our readers or players’ fundamental understanding in an effortless manner is our topmost priority because this is all we write for. NFL readers are left confused after reading that because our articles are entirely useless.

Assault Rifles:

ImageNameDamageAccuracyRangeFire RateMagazine CapacityUnlock level
  G2A590 85 65 33 14 35
  Hemlok BF-R 75 80 65 80 24 15
 R-101 Carbine 55 90 65 80 24 0
 R-201 Carbine 55 90 65 80 24 0
 V-47 Flatline 70 45 65 60 30 47
Image name damage accuracy range fire rate magazine capacity unlock level
  alternator75 50 40 60 20 8
  CAR 40 85 40 70 30 0
 R-97 Compact SMG 35 22 40 100 40 41
 Volt 35 90 40 38 33 27
Image name damage accuracy range fire rate maximum capacity unlock level
 L-STAR45 34 75 45 unlimited up to 114 single player 2
 Spitfire 50 39 75 47 80 0
 X-55 Devotion 85 50 7550 55 24

Titanfall 2 Sniper rifles :

Image name damage accuracy range fire rate magazine capacity unlock level
 D-2 Double Take83 76 100 20 1216
 Kraber -AP Sniper 100 60 100 15 40
 Longbow-DMR 90 84 100 30638

Titanfall 2 Shotguns:

Image name damage accuracy range fire rateMagazine capacityUnlock level
 EVA-8 SHOTGUN70 30 20 34 60
 Mastiff 80 89 20 15419

Titanfall 2 Grenadiers :

Image name damage accuracyrangeFire rateMaximum capacityUnlock level
 EM-4 COLD WAR75 25 55 44 12 45
 EPG -1 83 100 100 17 55
 R-6P SOFTBALL 71 65 66 19 630
 SIDEWINDER SMR 53 39 6848 200

Titanfall 2 Primary mods :

As mentioned above, we are not just going to discuss the primary weapons, but also, in addition to it, we will discuss the primary mods. But one thing remains the same throughout that is the table form that will be followed in both cases. Even in the primary weapons and even in the primary mods, it is always better to provide information through the table form so the reader can understand it in a better manner and an easy way. So without wasting time, let’s just get started about discussing the primary mods in Titanfall 2 in detail and accurately.

The Uses Of Primary Weapons:

Now from the start of the article until we reached here, we have discussed a long list of all the primary weapons and the primary mods, in addition, it that can be useful for the players when they play the game Titanfall 2. what do you think this is the only thing that is extremely useful and will help the players or you as a player to be good in the game? If you ask the same question, our answer would be a complete no because there is no use of any weapons if you don’t know how to use them. There can be people who might disagree with what we are saying, but we can give you an example of history about this.

What is the use of a book if one doesn’t know how to read it? This is the actual simple example that could explain what we are trying to tell you here. the weapons list is given to make your game more accessible and better for you to excel. But suppose you don’t know how to use it and where to use it correctly. In that case, you might end up using it in an inappropriate manner which might lead to you’re losing the game very soon, which is the exact opposite of what we aim for writing this article which is two make you win very quickly and healthy advance to the following levels as soon as possible.

The Use Of Primary Weapons :

  • The first thing that we are going to discuss is the splitter rifle which allows you to drain the energy and, in addition to it, also split the beam increasing the damage.
  • When it comes to the T203 thermite launcher, it has a different use: igniting the impact area totally, which can work as of absolute advantage.
  • The lead wall can be explained in easy words as a Titan shotgun with bouncing ammunition, to be precise.
  • The 40MM tracker Canon is used as its name as a cannon that is 40 MM long.
  • Now comes the predator cannon, which is slightly different from the tracker cannon because it is more powerful, and you can call it a powerful minigun with a long spin uptime.
  • The XO – 16 is another kind of weapon, which is a fully automatic ballistic weapon. It helps to fire 1.6-inch slugs. the main advantage here is that it comes with high precision even at a considerable range.
  • Now comes the quad rocket, which is nothing but a fire four rocket at once. but the main advantage here is that the amount of damage the quad rocket results in is vast and significant.
  • now we come towards the last weapon, which is the plasma railgun.. the plasma railgun is nothing but a sniper rifle, but the only thing different here is that it works on plasma energy.

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