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Best Gaming Phone Under 15000 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

Gaming mobile phones are the new requirement of the youth of the twenty-first century. As the gaming industry has seen a drastic advancement in technology, people have also seen the advancement. To fulfill the requirement of gaming the need for faster gaming phones with the best performance is on the rise, but the problem is with the price. The price of such gaming phones is not affordable for the common people. To tackle this problem various companies are launching their budget gaming phones in a category like best gaming phone under 15000, best gaming phone under 10000, gaming phone under 12000, and many more budget series to fulfill your requirements.

Best Gaming Phone Under 15000

In the current time, so many gaming phones are in the market such as redmi note 10s, realme narzo 30, infinx zero 8i, and many other phones with gaming specs. So in this article, you will find the best gaming smartphone features from which you can find the best one which suits you. In these gaming phones, you can play modern games like pubg, call of duty, fortnight, asphalt nitro, and many other games which will help you to release your stress on your opponent and help you to end your day with pleasure. The gaming phones in the article is created keeping the requirement

Specs that are crucial for determining a gaming smartphone:

  1. Processor
  2. Ram
  3. Battery backup
  4. Display color
  5. The refresh rate of the screen, etc.


Redmi note 10s is a gaming mobile phone with all the features which a gamer always desires. This is the best mobile phone under the category of mi mobile under 15000 and best gaming phone under 15000. This gaming mobile phone has a mind-blowing full high definition display along with an AMOLED dot display panel with an aspect ratio of 20:9 which gives you a screen big enough to give you a good gaming experience under the category of the best phone for gaming under 15000.

The camera quality is also unbelievably good as it contains a 64MP quad rear camera with 8MP ultra-wide lens along with a 2 MP macro and portrait lens and also has a 13MP front camera for a great selfie. It has a processor of MediaTek Helio G95 octa-core 12nm processor with a clock speed of 2.05 GHz which is fantastic for gaming. It has a battery of 5000 mAh with 33W fast charging to charge your phone.


  1. It has a full HD display with dot AMOLED.
  2. It has a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.05 GHz.
  3. It has a battery of 5000mAh.
  4. It has a 6GB ram and 64 GB storage which can be extended.
1. Its storage can be extended up to 512GB.It has no 5G support sim slot.
2. It has a dual dedicated sim card slot.A phone may heat up in intensive gameplay.
3. It has os of MIUI 12.
4. It has fast charging facility.


At the time when the 5G technology PRO is in a great boom, the realme narzo 30 pro is the best gaming budget smartphone in the price range and also best budget gaming smartphone and it is also a great choice for pubg players due to its super-fast processor and latest 5G connectivity which the company provides. It comes with a 6GB ram which helps you to process your game faster along with the processor. It has a storage of 64GB which can be expanded up to 256GB which is a great deal in budget gaming smartphones.

It has a full high-definition display of 16.51 cm which helps you to gain the fullest from the device. To improve your photography experience it comes with a 48MP + 8MP + 2MP rear camera which gives you excellent photos and has a 16MP front camera. This is the gest gaming phone of REDMI with good front camera under 15000. It has a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery and a super-fast MediaTek 800U processor which along with the other specs gives you a smooth gaming experience.

Features Of Realme Narzo 30

  1. It has a battery of 5000mAh.
  2. It has a wide display of 6.5 inches.
  3. It comes with a 48 MP camera.
  4. It has a processor of mediate 500u.
1. It is the best budget gaming smartphone with a fast processor.Its AMOLED display maybe not good.
2. It has a 5G sim slot.
3. Due to the 5G slot, the gaming experience is fast.
4. It has a full HD display.

Motorola Moto G30

If you are searching for the best mobile under 12000 or the best smartphone under 15000 you must go with this one. This is because the company provides the best budget gaming phone under this price range. The best feature of this phone is that it comes with a 64MP quad-camera with night vision capability which is very exciting. Along with this, its camera comes with ultra-high resolution with quad pixel technology which helps you to click great photos.

This phone has a 16.5 cm display with a refresh rate of 90HZ which is the most important feature for a gamer. It comes with a snapdragon 662 which helps to gain the most from your game to give you the best experience. It has a 5000 mAh battery which is enough to provide you 2 days of battery backup at moderate usage. It has a 20W fast charging capability to charge your phone at a faster pace.

Features of Motorola Moto G30

  1. It has a 64 MP quad camera with night vision.
  2. It has a snapdragon of 662.
  3. It has a battery of 5000 mAh.
  4. The screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz.
1. It is made up of water repellent technology.It does not have a 5G sim slot.
2. It has night vision capability.It has only 4GB ram which may be less for some games.
3. Its 20W fast charger can help you to charge your device faster.


This infinx zero 8i is the best mobile phone under 15000 and due to its specification, it is ideal for playing games such as pubg or any other game. This phone has the biggest ram in the category of best gaming phone under 15000 as it contains 8 GB of ram which is more than enough for playing any high-end game on your device with the highest settings. It has a total of 256 GB of storage which provides you a massive space for storing your games along with other important things.

It also has a full high definition display with a screen size of 17.4cm which is also the biggest one which you can find in this price range. Along with this it also has a 48MP camera with an AI lens that clicks crystal clear pictures. Also, its front camera is 16MP + 8MP which is a great deal at this price range. It has a battery of about 4500mAh which is made by Li-ion polymer technology. It has a fast processor of MediaTek Helio G90T.

Features of INFINX ZERO 8i

  1. It has a total of 8GB of ram.
  2. It has a big display of 17.4cm.
  3. It has a 48MP clear camera.
  4. It has 4500mAh battery storage.
1. It has a full HD display with a dual pinhole.It does not have an AMOLED display.
2. It has a dual-LED flash.It does not have 5G connectivity.
3. It provides a frame rate of 30 fps
4. One of the best phones for gaming


Poco M3 is the best mobile phone under 10000 in India. It gives you features of a gaming phone of 15000. This is due to its extremely low budget and excellent performance of the phone in gaming benchmark performed under various games. It has 6GB ram which is enough to play games like pubg with full enjoyment. It also has a storage capacity of 64GB which can be easily expanded up to 512GB which is also a good feature for the best gaming phone on a budget.

It has a display of 16.59cm with a full high definition plus panel to provide you extremely fine video quality for gaming and other usages. It has a 48MP front camera. In this price range, this phone has one of the best battery performances as it has a 6000mAh battery with lithium-ion polymer technology used to provide long battery life. It has a processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 662 which is a decent processor for advanced gaming.

Features of POCO M3

  1. It has 6GB of ram for heavy task usage.
  2. It has a display of 16.59 cm.
  3. It has a battery of 6000mAh.
  4. It has no heating issues in long-hour usage.
1. It has UFS 2.1/2.2 storage solution to boost your performance.It does not have an AMOLED display.
2. It has a premium leather finish back panel.It does not have a fast charging facility.
3. It has a smooth and fast touch response.
4. It has a full HD display for clear video.

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