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Genshin impact

Clearwater Jade Location & Farming Route In Genshin Impact

Hello fellow travelers Looking for Clearwater Jade Location in the map. DO not worry i will share the location of the Clearwater jade in genshin impact map. Xianyun needs Clearwater jade if you are going to upgrade her you need it. xianyun is going to be release in 4.4 update. Clearwater jade is local specialty can be optain in only Chenyu Vale area and you can unlock the Chenyu Vale area in 4.4 update of genshin impact. If you Scroll Down You will Find a Youtube Video. If you prefer videos you can watch it.

cloud retainer clearwater jade

All the Clearwater Jade Location In Chenyu Vale area

You can see all the pick marked area on the map with a number on it. you will find Clearwater jade on the pink mark area. You just need to go to the local and collet it. You need 165 clear water jade for the ascension of cloud retainer.

Clearwater Jade Location
clearwater jade locations
clearwater jade genshin

Red Marked are is shop in the Chenyu Vale area. In the Shop you will get 5 per day. On the pink marked area You will get the materials lay on the on the ground some are on top of new turtle.

You can Buy Clearwater jade also. You Find a Shop in Chenyu Vale area and you can buy it from there. You can buy Clearwater jade daily 5 from the shop. You need 165 to Fully ascend cloud retainer.

Chenyu Vale shop

We are going to Make a Whole video on Clearwater jade on our youtube channel and We have already made Videos related to Xianyun so you can watch all the video. For that you just need to subscribe our Youtube channel.

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