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chiori weapon, Kit, Constellations, Ascension material and Talent materials

Hello fellow travelers, Today we are going to talk about Chiori kit Constellations, Ascension material and Talent materials. Chiori will be a 5 star character with the Geo Element in the game. Chiori is going to be release in 4.5 update of genshin impact.

Chiori will be the only new character release in the 4.5 update of genshin impact and If you have a Geo character in your party then you should pull for her but if not then you should not pull for her because she needs a Geo character who can support her. If you are going to pull her you can pre-farm Chiori ascension materials today because they are present in the game.

chiori weapon

Updated Chiori kit In Genshin Impact

Chiori is a 5 star character and she use a sword to fight. Her element is Geo and she will be best for sub DPS or as a supporting character for the team.

Updated Chiori kit In Genshin Impact

  • Element: Geo.
  • Rarity: 5-Star.
  • Weapon: Sword.
  • Normal Attack: Weaving Blade.
  • Elemental Skill: Fluttering Hasode.
  • Elemental Burst: Hiyoku: Twin Blades.

Passive 1: Tailor-Made – After using Fluttering Hasode’s upward sweep, Chiori gains different effects based on her next action. Jumping triggers the Tapestry effect, while using her normal attack triggers the Tailoring effect. If Chiori doesn’t use her Elemental Skill or normal attack soon after, the Tailoring effect is triggered automatically.

Tailoring – Chiori gains Geo infusion for five seconds. Tapestry – Switches to the next character in your roster and grants all party members the ‘Seize the Moment’ effect. This effect allows Sode to execute a coordinated attack when your active character’s attacks hit, dealing 100% of Fluttering Hasode’s upward sweep damage as AOE Geo damage. The coordinated attack can occur every two seconds, with a limit of two attacks per Seize the Moment duration.

Passive 2: The Finishing Touch – Whenever a nearby party member creates a Geo Construct, Chiori gains a 20% Geo damage bonus for 20 seconds.

Exploration Bonus: Brocaded Collar’s Beauteous Silhouette – When any party member wears an outfit other than their default one, or uses a wind glider other than the Wings of First Flight, all party members gain the Swift Stride effect. This effect boosts movement speed by 10%,

Chiori Normal Attack IS Know as Weaving Blade

Chiori can do four normal hits by clicking on attack button. If you hold the button she unleash two rapid sword strikes but that rapid strikes will consume her stamina. When plunging from the air, she damages all enemies on the way down and deals AOE damage upon impact. You need a healer in your team if you are going to use her.

Chiori Elemental Skill IS KNOW AS Fluttering Hasode

Chiori gracefully dashes forward, summoning her automaton doll, Sode, at the end of the dash. Sode then performs an upward sweep, dealing AOE Geo damage to nearby opponents based on Chiori’s attack and defense stats. Holding the Skill button allows you to aim Chiori’s dash direction.

Chiori Elemental Burst

Chiori Elemental Burust is know as Twin Blades. As Name suggests she use two blades to cut her emney. She Damage depends on her attack and defence stats. she is a master tailor thats why she use two blades.

In Depth Look at the Chiori Weapon

Chiori use sword as a weapon. Her signature weapon name is Urakugo Rensai. Urakugo Rensai is also know as Brocade Bloom, Shrine Sword RI. Chiori’s weapon Base ATK is 542 and CRIT DMG 88.2%. While on the field, Normal and Charged Attack DMG will be increased by 16%. When not on the field, Elemental Skill DMG will be increased by 24%. After a nearby active character deals Geo DMG, the aforementioned effects increase by 100% for 15s. Additionally, the wielder’s DEF is increased by 20%.

chiori weapon

Chiori Talent materials

It is very important for you to upgrade chiori Talent. if you are going to use her on your team. Chiori Talent materials are easy to find. Talent Upgrade Material are different for all the character.

Chiori has three has Talents so you have to collect all the materials three times. Everything is important for her and All the Chiori Talent materials are given below

Chiori Talent levelChiori Talent materialsMora cost
Level 2x3 Teachings of Light, x6 Spectral Husk12,500
Level 3x2 Guide to Light, x3 Spectral Heart17,500
Level 4x4 Guide to Light, x4 Spectral Heart25,000
Level 5x6 Guide to Light, x6 Spectral Heart30,000
Level 6x9 Guide to Light, x9 Spectral Heart37,500
Level 7x4 Philosophies of Light, x4 Spectral Nucleus, x1 Lightless Silk String120,000
Level 8x6 Philosophies of Light, x6 Spectral Nucleus, x1 Lightless Silk String260,000
Level 9x12 Philosophies of Light, x9 Spectral Nucleus, x2 Lightless Silk String450,000
Level 10x16 Philosophies of Light, x12 Spectral Nucleus, x2 Lightless Silk String, x1 Crown of Insight700,000

You need all of these materials to upgrade THREE chiori Talent.

  • x3 Crown of Insight
  • x9 Teachings of Light
  • x18 Spectral Husk
  • x18 Lightless Silk String
  • x63 Guide to Light
  • x66 Spectral Heart
  • x93 Spectral Nucleus
  • x114 Philosophies of Light
  • 4,957,500 Mora

Chiori Ascension materials

Ascension Material is important to Level up any Character. So you have to collect Ascension Material for chiori to. Ascension Material helps to increase the level of the character. It is very important to level because if you will not level her up you can not able to use her fully. Leveling up should be your first goal after pulling chiori from the banner then Upgrade her Talents.

chiori Ascension Materials
Chiori Ascension levelChiori Ascension materialsMora costAscension reward
Level 20x1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver, x3 Dendrobium, x3 Spectral Husk20,000x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 40x3 Prithiva Topaz Fragment, x2 Tubion Device, x10 Dendrobium, x15 Spectral Husk40,000None
Level 50x6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment, x4 Tubion Device, x20 Dendrobium, x12 Spectral Heart60,000x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 60x3 Prithiva Topaz Chunk, x8 Tubion Device, x30 Dendrobium, x18 Spectral Heart80,000None
Level 70x6 Prithiva Topaz Chunk, x12 Tubion Device, x45 Dendrobium, x12 Spectral Nucleus100,000x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 80x6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, x20 Tubion Device, x60 Dendrobium, x24 Spectral Nucleus120,000None

All the Materials for upgrading Chiori Talents

Philosophies of Light 114
Guide to Light63
Teachings of Light9
Lightless Silk String18
Crown of Insight3

Who is chiori?

Chiori has a geo Vision and she will be a playable  character in genshin impact 4.5 update. Chiori holds the title of The Thundering Seamstress and her constellation is known as cisoria. Chiori is the owner of a boutique and her boutique is On the busiest street in Fontaine’s Quartier Lyonnais. lies a clothing store called “Chioriya Boutique “.

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