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Emilie Leaks|| Emilie Will BE A 5 STAR CHARACTER

Hello fellow travelers, Today will share Emilie Leaks. Emilie is a NPC and she will be a playable Character in genshin impact. You can find information related to emillie in the genshin impact player voice like Lynette, Lyney, Wriothesley. Emilie will be release in 4.8 update. Emilie make very good perfumes.

Emilie Leaks

Emilie’s 5-star status has now been almost confirmed. Hailing from Fontaine, she’s renowned for her perfumes, with rumors swirling about a potential connection to Hexenzirkel. While her direct involvement remains unconfirmed, speculation suggests she could be linked to a division or branch within the organization. For now, what’s certain is her prominence as a 5-star character from Fontaine, renowned for her perfume. her possible release will be in the upcoming 4.8 update, though details about her character model remain elusive.

Who is Emilie?

Emilie is famous for her perfumes. She will be a 5 star character and will become playable in 4.8 update in genshin impact. Lynette, Lyney and Wriothesley has shared some good information on her character.

Emilie is playable?

Emilie is not playable right know but she will be playable in version 4.8 in genshin impact

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