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Free Fire

Free Fire Diamond Best Ways To Get For Free

Garena Free Fire is a very famous game and kids love to play. In Free Fire you have to buy diamonds to buy emotions, bundle, dresses and Gun Skills with real money But diamonds are very costly so kids can’t buy them because they don’t earn so they can’t spend on themselves they have to take money from their parents but mom dad doesn’t allow to buy diamonds or Spend money on a game. So in today’s article, I will tell you that how you guys can buy Free Fire Diamond for free, yes you heard right, you can buy it for free without paying any money, and in a legal way. There are many applications and websites are available in the market which claim that they will provide you free fire diamonds for free but it is not they do fraud but will tell you the right applications which will give you free fire diamond hearts. that too for free

Top application that Provide you free diamonds in Free fire

  1. Google Rewards
  2. Creative Crafters event on Booyah
  3. rooter app

Google Rewards

You can earn money by doing survey in google rewards and you can buy diamonds of Garena Free Fire and if you all know the name of Google, then there is no such thing as fraud, Google also keeps complete safety of its user’s data and also provides value to them, you will have to answer some sample questions, in return, Google will give you money. You can use those things on Google Play Store and you can also buy free fire diamonds, it depends on you what you want to do.

Creative Crafters event on Booyah

This is a tournament app, in this you can win diamonds by joining tournaments for free. Download this app Simply by going to the play store, you have to type the name of this application and install it, after that you have to do the verification after registering with your mobile number. After that you can participate in many tournaments and if you win in that tournament you will get free fire diamonds for free many people host tournaments in that you can also host if you want

rooter app

Rooter application is a very popular application. In today’s date, many people know about this application, if you do not know, then let me tell you that it is a very good platform for gamers, in which they Livestream and upload videos. There is also an option of Coupons in which you can redeem the router points and take the diamonds and real Paytm cash, that’s your choice, you just have to do Stream or upload videos, through that you can earn real money and you can buy diamonds from them, this is a very good platform and also a way to earn money. In rooter application you also get refer system you can collect points by referring anyone and redeem them in diamonds and in rooter application you can also redeem DJ Alok in your account for free.

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