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How to do Live stream on Different Platforms – Youtube, Facebook, Twitch

The live stream is the best way to promote yourself and make your own brand. Live streaming has become a huge trend in today’s time, games and YouTubers also do live stream. The live stream is the best way to reach new people. When you will be able to reach new people, then due to that your audience will also grow and the value of your brand will increase and in today’s date you can do live stream on every platform like youtube, facebook it is your choice what type of content you want to provide but live stream is available on every platform. In starting no one has equipment and money to invest in software. Where is No Need to Invest Money in Doing Live Stream. Many people work hard for years and upload videos but they don’t get good reach and position they deserve

Due to competition in today’s time, many people videos are not viral and they are not able to grow, but because of live stream they can reach to more people and grow their audience, this is a very good medium to get views, promote your brand and earn money

Many platforms provide the facility of live stream and they are also very famous, due to which you can earn a lot of money, absolutely for free, you just have to upload the video and stream live.

YouTube and Facebook This is the most famous platform, you can do live streaming on it and can also earn, now I will tell you how you guys can live stream for free, what software should you use and how Works

How to do Live Steam on Youtube

First of all, you have to open any of your browser you have to type obs. OBS is a very good software all the big youtube and games use the same software to do live stream because it is also free and the best software. you can use OBS to do live stream on YouTube for twitch on a platform who provide live stream option. you can easily do live stream on any platform by using obs

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