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Mortal sensitivity settings and control setup

Soul mortal pubg id and sensitivity setting

Mortal is a 4 finger player which gives him a great advantage over other players. Along with 4 finger gaming he also plays at gyro which gives him better control of recoil with great precision. In season 3 he becomes the first Indian player to reach in top 10 conqueror players. Being a popular pubg player, soul mortal pubg id and his sensitivity is regarded as one of the best sensitivity for pubg mobile and many people wants to know it so here we are giving you the mortal’s sensitivity for pubg and battleground mobile India. All Mortal sensitivity settings are given below.

Being a gyro player some of the players may find his sensitivity a little hard but his gaming skills prove that the soul mortal has the best sensitivity setting for pubg mobile. Below we have provides his pubg mobile sensitivity setting along with battleground mobile India sensitivity settings.

CAMERA Settings of Mortal sensitivity

2x scope30%
3x scope22%
4x scope14%
6x scope12%
8x scope10%
Red dot and holographic50%
1st person no scope88%
3rd person no scope100%
Camera free look300%
1st person free look300%
3rd person free look300%


2x scope300
3x scope200
4x scope140
6x scope110
8x scope60
Red dot and holographic300
1st person no scope300
3rd person no scope300


2x scope30
3x scope22
4x scope14
6x scope12
8x scope10
Red dot and holographic45
1st person no scope88
3rd person no scope100

The real name of mortal is Naman Mathur. He comes in the top Pubg player and YouTuber in india. He is a very Bumble man and he has 6.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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