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Rampage Video Game Characters|List of Rampage characters

All the information that we have given up till now seems to point out that this game called the rampage video game seems to be an extremely interesting one. And if I was on the reader side the next thing I would want to know is who are the characters in the rampage Arcade game? And well we are going to answer this question next because we are extremely sure that you would also be wanting to know who are these three gigantic monsters? did these three gigantic monsters possess any powers that could help them become stronger? If yes what were those powers and many such interesting questions?

So coming to the point up to three simultaneous players can control these gigantic monsters. The first one of these characters is George. George is a King Kong-like gorilla with it’s a huge personality. But one different and interesting thing here is that he has transformed from the human form as a result of an experimental vitamin. The next character we have is Lizzie. Lizzie looks like another friend from the forest. Lizzie looks no less like a dinosaur or maybe a lizard. And even Lizzie has a history of its formation. And this history tells us that Lizzie is transformed by a radioactive lake.

Getting To Know All Rampage Video Game Characters

Last but not least. The third character that we have is Ralph. Now, Ralph, he’s not from the human world but also belongs to the forest and looks like one of its members too. Ralph is a giant werewolf who was transformed by a food additive. Just a fun thing that people who know about The Vampire Diaries might love werewolf right here. But let’s stop the topic right here because The Vampire Diaries would have another article of its own if we go on. Now the monsters do have a task on their head. they need to get to the next level and this can only be done by getting on all the buildings in a high-rise city.

Now in order to do so, they would face a lot of fights and well destruction. Because why would you as a human allowed three times monsters to come towards you? The same happens in this rampage arcade game. The people of the city are opposing them with help of the military force. So the monsters move forward toward their next level by eating people and destroying tanks, taxis, police cars, boats, helicopters, trolleys and each and everything that comes in their way to get on the next level. Now the player also has access to rising to any of the buildings in order to chase these monsters.

Your Role In Rampage Video Game

So you as a player can climb any of these buildings and while chasing them you have all the rights to punch them and beat them and kick them in order to reduce them to ashes. because that very thing is your task in order to move to another city as we mentioned above in this article. Now there’s one more thing that you as a player need to understand. There will always be people while you chase your goal. So you have all the rights to punch non-playable human characters while getting to your goals and beat them or even kill them to ashes if they come in the way.

You can get another help from these in non-playable human characters. Who doesn’t like food and water while playing a Game?? Hey everyone does and so here is your privilege. You are allowed to grab any food items you would like to eat from these characters. You can enjoy these food items just by grabbing them right from the non-flavoured human characters while you are chasing the monsters in order to advance to the next level and move to the next city. But while doing all this you just aren’t allowed to forget that those three monsters are destroying your city and you are here to help.

Weapons Against The Rampage Monsters

Now you would have another question in your mind that how can you destroy this monster except for punching them? well, we have the answers right here shortlisted for you. the monsters received damage from the bullets you fire towards them. Some other things that can hurt them or damage them are sticks of dynamite, shells former punches from other monsters and falls. But the players also need to know that food item aren’t just available to you as players. All these word items are available to the monsters too because they won’t ask for permission they would just grab it right away from the people of your city.

And one major damage that can happen to you because of them having all this food is that they can easily recover from all of your weapons and the wounds caused by them just by eating some food items. These food items include fruits, roasted chicken or even your soldiers. In case the monster takes too much damage it gets reverted into its original naked human form. As a result, it starts walking off the screen sideways and tries to cover all its body with its hands because the monster becomes a human it can then be eaten by another monster who was just like them Earlier.

The Rampage Arcade Video Game

But then what happens next? If you as a player continue the human that is the monster that was reverted back to human mutates back into its original form of a monster. There’s another chance wherein the human walks off the screen that is flying in on a blimp and has lost their score with a full life bar. The next thing that happens is smashing open windows. Now smashing open windows is a game of risk. Because these windows may generally reveal something or someone that might be helpful to you. But again these items or people can be harmful to you and your city too.

Some of the helpful items include food or money that can be helped to recharge yourself while fighting against these giant monsters. On the other side, there can be dangerous items too. And these dangerous items can be as lethal as bombs and electrical appliances. Sometimes dangerous things even include cigarettes. There are times when a thing can be helpful and harmful both at the same time it just depends on how you use it and what the situation leads to. For example, a toaster is dangerous until the toast pops up any photographer must be eaten quickly before he does is the players monster with his flash.

How Can It Be Dangerous?

So as we were talking about the photographer and his flash it can be harmful in a way that it can cause the monster to fall. There are some important things apart from this that you need to keep in your mind. Whenever you see a civilian who’s waving their hands from a window it is a signal for you. And this signal is that the person needs help right now. As soon as a player grabs anyone the points increase rapidly. Each monster can hold only one type of person. Those are the categories within humans.

Not all monsters can touch all human beings or grab them. So let’s have a look at who can hold which kind of human. Now our first monster, George can only hold the females that is women. Next talking about Lizzie Lizzie cannot even hold one woman. But on the other hand in this rampage arcade game, Lizzy has the power to hold middle age demand anytime anywhere he wants to. And here we have our third monster Ralph. now Ralph has a different kind of power. Ralph cannot hold humans on the basis of their gender. But Ralph can hold people according to their occupation. As a result of this, Ralph can only hold people who are businessmen by their occupation but one at a time.

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