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RaiStar Real Name, Age, Free Fire ID, Net Worth, Family, Id Number

Free fire is a very popular game. It crossed more then 1 billion downloads on playstore and Raistar most popular youtuber in indian free fire gaming community. So in this article we will provide you all the information related to raistar like RaiStar Real Name, Free Fire ID , Age, Face Reveal, Photo, Phone Number, Gameplay, raistar ID Number, Stylish Name, Net Worth, Income, Instagram User name.

Who is the real Raistar?

Raistar is a youtuber who made videos and do live streams related to free fire. Raistar real name is name is Akshay and he is 19 year old. he is the citizen of india and he free fire in asain server and he is the first player who found to hit one tap-shot in free fire. He was born in kerala. Kerala is a state in india and he is a gamer, Youtuber Social Media Influencer. He is a popular content Creator.

He is a Professional YouTuber  and gamer and his youtube channel name is rai star. He created his on 4 Nov 2019. he started from 0 SUBSCRIBERS and Views and currently he has 6.8 million subscribers and 135,723,863 on this youtube channel. Rai star has also uploaded only 33 videos on his YouTube channel so far. Whenever he uploads a new video it becomes viral instantly. He has 2.5 million follower on instagram but he never reveal this face.

Raistar Real NameAkshay
In-Game Name꧁•នтαʀ
Professiongamer, Youtuber Social Media Influencer
RaiStar Free Fire ID12022250
RaiStar Age19
raistar birthday datein Year 2002
RaiStar GirlfriendNon
raistar income5 Lakh per month
raistar instagram@raistarff
raistar face revealhe never revealed his face
raistar kd4

Raistar family

Fatherhe never revealed his father name and face
Motherhe never revealed his mother name and face
Brotherhe never revealed this brother name and face
Sisterhe never revealed his sister name and face
Son NameHe is unmarried

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