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Arlecchino leaks||Arlecchino will be a new boss As will AS A playable character

Hello fellow travelers, You guys have encounter so many leaks related to Arlecchino but this will be the best Arlecchino leaks. You ever encounter. In the past genshin impact has introduce some fatui harbinger characters as a playable characters. They are NPC as well as a playable character like Tartaglia and others. Well, leaks suggest that arlecchino will be having the role of a boss and she will be in Traveler’s next adventure. That adventure will be a journey to Natlan. . According to Neuvillette, Capitano, the formidable Fatui harbinger, is entangled in the ongoing war in Natlan. Capitano is very powerful like Xbalanque and ARLECCHINO sees an opportunity to test the Traveler’s mettle before facing Capitano directly.

arlecchino leaks

This leak show as a unique twist to the usual weekly boss encounter. ARLECCHINO will not die in the fight with the traveler instead, she will become a playable Character. Genshin has trying their best to make the whole game better for the players. This twist is very unique and sounds good.

Arlecchino abilities


Arlecchino has a special kind of overload reaction. After overload reaction, the damage reaction will be increased for a few seconds. And when HP is below a certain level, the recovery time of elemental skill would be reduced by a few seconds.


Elemental explosion lvl +1.

C2 Triggering overload reaction reduces the enemy pyro resistance and increases pyro damage bonus.

Elemental burst in special form inflicts additional huge damage on enemy.


Enters into a special form which quickly consumes HP When HP drops below a certain threshold, Arlecchino will go of shape for a few seconds.


Elemental burst charges depending on Arlecchino’s

form (like child):

•Formless (standing) deals damage to a single target.

In form (standing) inflicts area damage (AOE).

The Reason of Arlecchino to fight traveler is to help traveler gain some experience and increase his fight skills because Capitano is very powerful and he can not defeat Capitano. Arlecchino will release as both a playable character and weekly boss in version 4.6 update of genshin impact.

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