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Genshin impact 4.4 banners phase 2||Worst banners of All time

Hello fellow travelers, Genshin impact 4.4 banners phase 2 information shared by genshin impact. This is the first time they have share 4.4 banners phase 2 they dropped the banner super super early for the second half and just looking at the Banners. I can say this is the worst banners of all time. Genshin Impact is going to release Xiao and Yae Miko in the banner and both of them are 5-star characters and the 4-star character will be yaoyao, Ningguang, xinyan in the 4.4 phane 2.

If I share my honest thoughts with u guys this is the worst banner of all time. four stars are actually awful all three of them are really awful characters. Players are already angry about Genshin’s impact and now they are going to release these characters. I think they are playing with the emotions of the players.

 Genshin impact 4.4 banners phase 2

with the release of Cloud Retaine which provides buffs along with healing and plunge damage bonuses. the one who has taken the most damage with her release is Xaio and his banner has taken a huge blow along with yae miko because Xaio loses health when done his elemental burst and has a very high energy requirement.

so it’s a must to run a healer along with him and with the release of Raiden shogun in version 4.3 the most wanted character by everyone till this date, the chances of people pulling on yea miko are very less and for the weapon banner the primordial jade spear is already in the standard banner so there is no point in pulling of it and many people have already gotten it when losing 50/50 in weapon banner or from standard banner and to get yea miko’s weapons.

You need primos which we all must have used in Raiden shogun and her weapon banner so the chances of getting the weapon are very low and genshin impact are only giving 3 intertwine fate for the anniversary so the chances are even lower for the weapon.

 4.4 banners phase 2
4.4 weapon banner

These are the latest update related to genshin impact banner. What you guys think about the new release of the banner and you are going to pull or not. Thank you for visiting our website and make sure share this article with your friends who play genshin impact.

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